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Chasing some helpful hints & tips on repairing, building, and or modding your Silvia?

We've collected a bunch of the most common articles that cover a wide range of areas including;
  • Common faults & problems
  • What to look for when buying a Silvia
  • Insurance Details
  • Jap Wreckers & Performance shop listings in Perth
  • DIY Mod Installs
  • Part Listings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Police & Pits Information
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Tips, Tricks & Modifications

S series OEM Optional parts
So your engine is knocking.........
Trying to compile a comprehensive encyclopaedia of links
32 GTR RB26DETT, CA18DET and S14 SR20DET
Pretty simple sheet! Newb guide :)
Done an Auto -> Manual conversion ? Make the E-AT Button do somethi
A very well detailed thread with pics
Duration, Preset timing, Lift etc etc
The basics of engine upgrades and boost
So your head is sitting on the bench....
Tips, tricks and ideas for your NA engine.
Fix that hunting idle!
A guide to ensuring your new car is legit
To help you choose a turbo
Interesting informational about Ethanol
Not a how to but worth watching :)
How to fix it properly.
Facts and sheet for munts
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This group includes the S12 Gazelle, S13 Silvia's and 180SX, S14, and S15 200SX.

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