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Chasing some helpful hints & tips on repairing, building, and or modding your Silvia?

We've collected a bunch of the most common articles that cover a wide range of areas including;
  • Common faults & problems
  • What to look for when buying a Silvia
  • Insurance Details
  • Jap Wreckers & Performance shop listings in Perth
  • DIY Mod Installs
  • Part Listings
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Police & Pits Information
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Tips, Tricks & Modifications

S series OEM Optional parts
So your engine is knocking.........
Trying to compile a comprehensive encyclopaedia of links
To help you choose a turbo
Fix that hunting idle!
So your head is sitting on the bench....
Not a how to but worth watching :)
How to fix it properly.
Facts and sheet for munts
SilviaWA is for owners and enthusiasts of the S family of nissan performance cars.
This group includes the S12 Gazelle, S13 Silvia's and 180SX, S14, and S15 200SX.

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