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    Club Committee

    SilviaWA is forever in debt to the volunteers who have, and remain to, volunteer their time and effort to ensure the past, present and future success of the club remains prosperous.
    Club President

    Josh (CanCer)

    Club Vice-President

    Brian (XsQuiZiT)

    Site Administrators

    Joel Wellington (Sos)

    Josh (CanCer)


    Adam (Crumz)

    Motosport Events Co-ordinator

    Luke (Crazy Luke)

    Cruise Co-ordinator

    Josh (CanCer)

    Social Events Co-ordinator

    Mike (xmikexvanx)

    Trader Relations

    Josh (CanCer)

    Forum Moderators

    Blair (Ichigoat)

    Michael (Surrufus)

    Hall of Fame

    Michael McBriar (muniom)

    Andrew (BaDgEd_s13)

    Krystal (SweeT)

    Kerry (Princess Peacock)

    Pete (Pete)Kev_s13 (Kev_s13)

    Marc (OptiC_4ce)

    Michael Woodard (Woody)

    Brendan Underwood (Grandpa)

    Mat Platel (hks-s14)

    Josh Eveson (Fatboy)

    Michael Arnatt (S13WA)

    Ben Coates (Ben)

    Dave (Dangerous Dave)

    Jai (Jai)

    Brad (SmItLeR)

    Josh Frank (Josh - SilviaWa)

    Ryan (Jilted)

    Russ (Oddz)

    Adrian (4MY SON)