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  2. mate need to give us some pictures with the updates!
  3. Annual update. The RB25 sileighty is still in pieces BUT is somewhat more complete than last time. Now maybe also have an s13, the red one from the start of the thread. The first s-chassis I ever owned, now rebuilt and resprayed in seafoam. Until next year when I post in the empty forums, peace my dweebs 🖖
  4. As an update: I've gone through the process and gotten my Ae86 on the scheme as of about October this year. Good luck to those pre 1990 silvias out there. DOT has a list of applicable clubs to join who are able sign off on your application. Not a bad thing if your S12 Gazelle or S13 gets driven less then 30 days a year privately. I'm down to about $144 a year for rego now.
  5. Jizmo

    Oh noes

    Post revival Hurhuthuthu, can't believe this acc is still here from 2005. Going through my activities, damn time flies only right to squeeze an update, where the munt, the scooter, for my son, dam0, gruzy guys at? Anyways progress as follow, ended up with midnight purple r33 front / rear brakes 18x10.5 / 9.5 work d9r Chefi gauges Link g4+ storm complete front/rear rewire / tucked made a catch can on top of radiator / fan shroud Cp 9:1 pistons Max spedding rod conrods Acl bearings crank grub screwed balanced etc tomei fpr Spec r gt interior 5.75" hk
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