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    Buying a car? READ ME FIRST

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    Posted 13 June 2012 - 01:21 PM

    Hey Guys,

    I've noticed a few threads over the last couple of months where members have purchased cars only to discover they are write off's, dodgy hack jobs, re-birthed and other undesirable's no one wants to discover about their new car.

    Enter the PPSR, Personal Property Securities Register.
    The Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register is an online register of all personal property that has security interests registered against it.
    This is especially useful when purchasing a car, as it will show you whether the car has ever been WRITTEN-OFF, or STOLEN as well as NEVDIS information such as vehicle VIN, Engine number, color, number plate & current state of registration/license.


    - A computer with Internet
    - The VIN
    - Exactly $3.70 in real money, payable via credit card.


    - Go to http://www.ppsr.gov.au/
    - Enter VIN
    - Pay monies
    - Receive Report


    A neat report in PDF format containing all information regarding the vehicle in question.
    Here is a sample one I prepared earlier (added notes in RED to reduce confusion):


    Its pretty thorough and useful hey?

    PPSR sort of replaces the old REVS check, but its way more useful. REVS has been shut down, and dodgy bro's like Carsales bought up all the domain names to try and sell you their sheetty version of a car report called "Carfacts" or "Carhistory". Be careful of this when googling PPSR, plenty of the results take you to their CarHistory service and their report is like $30 versus the $3.70 for a PPSR report.

    SO, for the time it takes to send a text message to the seller to request VIN, and the cost of a 3 pack of extra, 5 cigarette's, 1KG bag of apples, 3 spring roll's, a bucket of bricky sand, 4 valve caps, 20cm of vac hose, a pack of plastic forks, thousands of sub $4 ebay items, fresh water for a kid in africa, approx 6.2 crab eggs, a small packet of magnesium powder, 1/5th of a gram of weed, 4 minute mobile call to the UK, a gay sticker, fake sunnies in Bali, fuel used for a 30m burnout, 230 sheets of A4 paper or approx 2.89 Rhianna songs off iTunes... etc etc
    You have 0, ZERO, NIL, NONE, NADA excuse to not take steps to ensure your new car isnt a lemon/rebirth before purchasing, except if you didnt know about the PPSR.

    But now you do, so you have been stripped of that excuse too.

    I hope this helps reduce tears shed after the fact of handing over cash to greedy ass^*&e sellers for mega dodge cars in future.

    Happy car buying.


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