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  1. Sos

    Spoiler Holes

    180s have the added complexity of having to remove the hard window seal before painting. Then this seal usually breaks in the process. Sils have more holes and need more paint though
  2. a long thin led style brake light isnt nearly as ugly
  3. Sos

    anti slip mat

    i bolted a door hinge to the boot floor and screwed it to the sub box. Used very short self tappers
  4. my money is on the bosch 040 fuel pump and the "vader gurgle" sound it makes periodically. Its normal.
  5. every brand of tyre has different sidewall and tread widths though. For example a falkan 235/45 may be wider and lower profile than a 235/45 toyo. You can look at manufacturers websites for exact measurements.
  6. Sos

    100k service

    isnt 02 sensor only suppose to last 100k as well?
  7. Sos

    Fuel Price

    i think fuel prices should go higher. Its the only way the public will start to demand more fuel efficient and alternate fuel cars
  8. Sos

    washing engine

    youll force water where it shouldnt go and possible dislodge connectors and hoses all for the sake of being a lazy *rabbit*
  9. Sos

    radiator cap

    my SR20DET 180 came with a factory radiator cap and it was 0.9 bar
  10. Sos

    washing engine

    dont use a high pressure washer. Use a garden hose on low pressure and buy yourself a nylon "rat tail' brush from supercheap.
  11. Nah its "Tie rod" (steering rack end) and "Tie rod end" (hub end) But if you buy a tie rod, it can come with the tie rod end anyway. But you can get them seperate too.
  12. doesnt matter, noone can see the front, only the back
  13. igniter module doesnt have anything to do with boost, but could be failing at a partcular RPM. Its just a passive transistor pack. I think its a flat silver box on the firewall
  14. are the drain channe;s clear? does it even have drain channels?
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