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  1. so my car has been off the roads for a while i finally sorted out getting the sr20 conversion done sr20de+t with t28, fmic, greddy plenum ect going in. dyno'd at 240rwhp hopefully should be all sorted within the next 3 weeks or so. ca is getting ripped out this weekend. can't wait!
  2. thats good running 14psi will be better then the stock 7 for sure
  3. i know that, but do i need a nistune, or fuel pump, will a t25 do it or do i need a t28? all those kid of things? even head gasket and all
  4. doing ca to sr conversion, everything including gearbox, clutch ect the engine will be stock but i'm planning on getting a fmic and a HD clutch, what else will i need to push 14psi on a daily i won't be going rough or anything but need to know what i need to get from stock to 14psi thanks all
  5. but with the quote above, what is that getting me in a rebuild? will everything be all stock? because thats like 5k all up, thats a sheetload man an sr conversion i can do for around 3k including install and all unless that for forged ca internals?
  6. thanks, both are very good points, i think replacing the gearbox, clutch, and engine to all with aprox 50ks and having an sr, with easier and cheaper to get hp out of and easier to get parts it makes more sense taking a chance with the sr its coming from a company not off some guy and its getting properly tested and all.. plus sr's look alot nicer in the engine bay
  7. i'm looking at 2.6k before labour for sr conversion it would be more rewarding with an sr anyway right?
  8. my ca is on the verge of dying i suspect it to be a bearing the in the big end, if i got my engine reconditioned, this would be fixed right? as well as replacing gaskets and piston rings and all? can someone tell me what a recondition is, and where i can get it done, and how much it will cost? i'm really dying without my car. was going to do sr converstion but i was curious about how much getting mine reconditioned would be. thanks in advance
  9. you wanna hear what it sounds like? bahahaha what do you mean engineering? do i need to get it checked and sheet so the engine number is changed and stuff? D:
  10. my step dad reckons its the bottom end so yeah, i figure just try and hunt down an sr halfcut apparently they aren't too much work to get in.. D: still, out of action for a while
  11. well, i was just cruising, not under load or anything, and it started making a huge, loud knocking sound, sounds like something is really f##ked to be honest. i can't find where its coming from, so i'd have no idea. the car turns on and starts, but as soon as it does, it makes the noise. any ideas? D:
  12. what is the best option? i have a ca18 and it died recently i was considering sr conversion but would it be better just to get my engine machined or what? i don't really know whats wrong with it, it kind of knocks at it sounds brutal
  13. aren't posts deleted if not active for xx days? i searched but couldn't find anything, please help?
  14. just a question, how much would it cost for a ca -> sr conversion, so if i got a half cut and swapped everything engine/gearbox related?
  15. crumz? D: but he seems sick as i'll see if he'll tutor me bahahaha when are the drift practices on?
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