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  1. This may be of some use. http://www.chuonthis.com/cars/s14-dcc/
  2. I could do, but I'm trying to keep it 'stock' looking. If at all possible, I'd like it all hidden away. If I can fit the standard SR20DET SMIC, I'll change the BOV to a better unit and still have it recirculate through stock piping (hopefully anyway). I've sourced the cooler, now I just need the piping.
  3. It looks like I've found what gear is required to fit the factory type recirculating valve (BOV) to the 180sx. Apparently, any of the S13's or 180's that were fitted with an SR20DET from factory had this arrangement (1991 on?). I think I've located a factory charge air cooler but, it's missing the hoses as shown in the diagram. So, does anyone have a complete factory unit they want to get rid of or alternatively, just the 2 hoses? Thanks, Andy
  4. Any electrical wholesaler, Rexell, L&H, etc. I've got the tool for tightening them correctly. Welcome to borrow it, just remember it's a 'boomerang'.
  5. Looking at getting a set of 'smoked' tail lights and centre garnish for the 180sx. Does anyone know if these are a yellow sticker issue in Western Australia? From the supplied picture (please see link), they don't look to be overly dark. http://www.racerbits.com/catalog/TL-S13-SM.jpg Thanks, Andy
  6. I'm an old petrol head The car definitely performs/accelerates after gear changes better with a BOV. And I have a tendency to take things apart, modify and put them back together. Keeps me out of the pub. I could obviously just remove the existing valve and leave it at that, but, that's not my intention at this stage. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, I probably wasn't clear enough in my initial question. I don't necessarily want a stock BOV. What I'm looking for is the associated stock plumb back piping/hosing from a Nissan turbo. I understand the CA18DET didn't come with this item. I'm unsure which models used this arrangement. What I'm trying to find out is which models did and then I can look at getting some and grafting them in. Once I've got the right piping/hosing I will get a decent aftermarket plumb back BOV. This thing has an atmo BOV at the moment, it's going before the son starts on his P's.
  8. Hoping for some help. As the title says, I would like to install a recirculating valve (Plumb back BOV) on a 180sx CA18DET. If at all possible, something stock from a similar model. Does anyone know what model(s) I should be looking at and possible places to purchase same? I believe the S15 may have had this type of arrangement. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks all, From your replies and further internet investigation, it would appear that the CA18's don't have one. Thanks again. Andy
  10. Afternoon all, As I know little to nothing about this beast as yet, I'm hoping for some help. Does anyone know if this car has a factory (stock) recirculation/blow off valve? If it has, where is it? Any photos, diagrams of positioning and plumbing would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy
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