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  1. Never seen a rally silvia before (or those spark plugs), very cool Keep us updated man
  2. I think you need 2 rb silvias
  3. Zee is abiding by the rules of being in silwa management. Car has to have VE head or rb/ls to be able to run the club.
  4. Yeah, that would be ideal if we could get consistent numbers Did you find your leak? I had to use an inspection camera on my stagea when it was doing the same thing
  5. Hey all, So last weekend went well! With that in mind, who would be keen to come down if we host another one?
  6. Pulling your intake manifold would be the easiest way to get to them, but I'd be getting under the car with a torch/tracing lines with my hands.
  7. Good to know about the engineer, I need to go down that route very shortly myself. Stumbled across your blog today at lunch, I was searching bracing bars. Good read for anyone looking into doing handling mods
  8. Like Crumz suggested, have a search around the forum. There are a couple rb powered and 1j/2j powered silvias on here. An rb swap is going to be a lot easier because the turbo is on the right side. If you want big power, why not a 25/30 or 26/30? They will get you more hp than you reasonably need in a light sil. How much hp are you aiming for? There is some info about an rb25 conversion in here: http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=71336 If you pm that guy, he might give you some advice
  9. I'd be starting here: http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=55279&hl=s133ltr&page=1
  10. Is it a stutter? Could be a misfire or a hole in one of your i/c pipes
  11. I found it amusing that all of the main cast are now amazing at fighting and that Vin Diesel can deadlift a car
  12. Must admit I've been disappointed with the last couple movies. I really enjoyed them when they were all about the cars. Guess it gets hard to write original sequels just about street racing
  13. Not bad They sound really similar spec to mine Good condition?
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