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  1. will get a better response if you chuck these updates in the fb group (Y)
  2. yeah thanks photobucket for killing 90% of build threads
  3. looks good from here kmaks pretty decent stuff for the price
  4. you have to upload the photo to an external site like image shack then like the photo youll get better responses if you post in the fb group as its pretty quiet here these days. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1022216137811408/
  5. looking pretty dope. b-wave would set it off
  6. rinse king? youre on m8
  7. That is 11/10 unlucky timing
  8. 10s a bit low considering stocks only 7, wind that up a bit and as said you'll see a number closer to what you want
  9. Can also get direct from Nissan. Taarks.com probably also has
  10. Why is everyone leaving, lee you started a trend
  11. just noticed this is getting evo brembos. fracking nice
  12. guess you need carbon fibre everything
  13. just wait till every trim starts falling off your falcon, if they havent already
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