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  1. when I had mine, I got it all sanded back smooth and then painted desert rose metallic, with a clear coat over the top. So it was nice and smooth like the outside of the car. It was awesome, got it professionally done for about $250ish
  2. if your talking about the silver color of the interior ( the part that always gets scratched) from supercheap auto.. Desert Rose Metallic. Pretty much the same
  3. Hi i am currently running the gfb stealth-fx bov at the moment with the universal adapter fitted, to connect to my front mount piping. I just purchased a deceptor pro but it has a wrx specific adapter fitted. Basically how do I swap over the adapters. So i can use the new one. Or is there anywhere in perth that can assist me. Cheers
  4. Cheap fix would be to go to clark rubber, get a piece of rubber and drill into the underside of the bumper.. then at least it would like up with the side skirts and rear bumper rather than sitting a fair bit higher.
  5. heaps done to this car, its nearly finished and ready to be enjoyed.. Heres some pics
  6. rechecekd witha proper data scanner. Nats malfunction e1 and e5 came up. any idea how to fix this?
  7. Thanks i checked and it came up 55. i rechecked and again 55. But when i pull out the paperclip the check engine light just starts flashing and the car still wont start
  8. 2002 adm s15 has been running completely fine. parked it up last night, went to start it today and noticed the cel was flashing and the car was cranking but wouldn't start. Has fmic, exhuast, pod, boost tee, autowatch alarm. any ideas?
  9. i paid $2500 for the whole car, so cant justify $800 on seats. I just want something that is better than s13 seats, as i want to skidpan, and my obliques were sore from trying to hold myslef in all day. Just wanting a cheap alternative. Doesnt have to be fancy, i hardly drive this car anyway
  10. I have seen heaps of gtr seats put into s13. But dont want to spend that much. Will r32 or r33 gtst seat fit into s13. Im aware one hole wont line up. But will they be to tall or wide? Also will they hold you in better when going around a corner than the stock s13 seat will?
  11. Hey guys. Its been a while since i was in a silvia, some of you might remember my s15, which started like this: http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b540/andersor1991/IMG_0852_zpsb3f5b912.jpg http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b540/andersor1991/IMG_0855_zpsdee07ff2.jpg and 6 month later, ended up like this: http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b540/andersor1991/img1934l_zps2e795e79.jpg http://i1290.photobucket.com/albums/b540/andersor1991/img1932qi_zps0f4e1a52.jpg I then sold it as it was my only car, and i missed the luxuries of having back seats people can actually fit into,
  12. It has exhaust ( unsure of brand ) with two small cannons t28bb splitfire coilpacks k&n pod fmic, core painted purple chrome rocker cover chrome tomei powered coilpack cover red gfb boost tee tein ha coilovers stock s15 wheels painted purple with michelin tyres pioneer cd player, kicker speakers, jl audio amp, jl audio sub saas boost and water temp gauges hks brake lines not sure what the kit is vertex / uras painted red inside, dodgy green paint on the outside white dash cluster cf interior pieces thats all i really can remember. I have been looking aswell, car stil
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