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  1. SKUD

    Need help please!

    thanks, sorted it. to start, it was all in Jap so i couldnt figure it out. it was the ciggy fuse. fixed everything cheers lads
  2. So tonight my wife had cravings, she needed Orange Juice (she is preggerz) so i jumped into the S15 to shoot out and grab her some. I noticed that the car wasnt pulling as hard as normal, less boost showing in the gauge. I checked the electronic boost controller and it wasnt lit up or powered up at all. I tried to plug in something that i usually have in my cigarette charger port thing and that was also not lighting up. My guess is that a fuse has gone to accessory power? which is why the car is slower due to the fact that the ebc isbt powered and not telling the car what to do. am i on t
  3. yeah i love this car good find dude. Glad to see you around. your fun to drive with too
  4. https://www.ingress.com/ download it zee then lets organise a spind with this this is the reason i have 12 gigs on my plan lol
  5. Anyone play the GPS location based games ingress?? Is so wet should totally organise a cruise / ingress session. And krispy kremes
  6. hey, I'm adam . i was around in 2012 before moving back to syd. ill be home in Perth monday and should pick up a sil shortly after. provided all goes to plan i should make the dec cruise. super keen to get back into it, missed having a so bad, can't wait to get back behind the wheel again. see u around.
  7. if your driving a sil, turbo.. they gonna pull you over man, same as having plates. the way i have always seen it, is have it how u want it. They WILL sticker you if they want to, wether it be for a slight leak, or a bov, or a gauge, or cable ties, or whatever.just have it how u want it, and if they get ya, fix it, put it though pits and change it back, or just keep it all stock and boring and stay safe.
  8. If your keen for the sound man, i found as soon as i put a pod filter on my car and moved away from the stock airbox, i got mass flutter and stuff. i know on luke ride he was rolling metal pipe going straight to the turbo. When i got in it one night i asked what bov he had. he said he didnt have one at all. I was shocked cos it was that loud. my advise is take it off. keep the 5-0 happy. just change your setup slightly if it is the sound your chasing. alternately, if you cant get away from the psssttcchhh sound, keep the valve. who cares if others say its gay. Its your car, make it what u wan
  9. im not totally experienced in this area. but i can confirm for me that i actually loose boost running a bov. could be just set up wrong, but i dont think that it is. mines a ca18det, no major mods. the car runs smoother without the valve, however i love the sound, always have. So i normally run with.
  10. Anyone see the front page of the news paper today? dude in an s15 caught yellowed driving round on drugs i think. nice rims
  11. this exact thing happened to me man, the boost is too high. simple as that (this is what it was for me) wound the boost down, fixed.
  12. SKUD

    NanG 180

    yeh man good call on the wheels, will look great when they go on.
  13. well about 3 yrs ago when i got a personal loan for 12k to pay off credit cards and buy my 180sx i was on like 35k a yr? repayments were something like 125 a fortnight....... hope that helps but u should get a 10k loan easy if ur on 30k a yr and can pay back 120 odd a fortnight.... atmo im (for privacy reasons and not getting fired reasons) on between 37 and 39 a year but it goes up to 43 in a week or two... so yeah. Im really not sure how it will go.
  14. Hey guys, So today, I applied for a loan for 10 k from le bank. The purpose of this bank loan is to purchase a car. the loan hasnt yet been approved, but i find out on wednesday if its all good or not. Basically just wanted to know what you guys have done in the past, how much you could get and what the repayments and stuff are. I know some of this topic is personal, im not trying to steal info from you, just wanting to know what my chances of getting a loan are like, and how its worked for you all in the past. thanks
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