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  1. Car has now found a new owner! I've found someone (thanks to Hayden) to take this car onto a new life. Car will be refreshed with a new working engine and not parted out haha.
  2. Yep here are few things: Stock ADM S15 front bar (pewter) or exchange for like new JDM Aero front bar in pewter (plus cash my way $1,200) Stock S15 head lights to exchange for brand new Stock ADM headlights (plus cash my way $600) RRP on headlights is about for $1500 JDM and a bit less for ADM Yashio tailights - $300 or $250 if swapping for good condition OEM taillights May also do a trade on the pewter bonnet (also like new oem stock)...
  3. Indeed. Things that I'm taking off: Aero front bar (like new JDM oem) Head lights (like new ADM oem) Rear Yashio tail lights Coilovers Work Xt7 wheels with tyres Turbo kit Injectors ECU
  4. Yep, got a game plan going forwards now. But will be putting a whole raft of parts up for sale.
  5. Well, the s15 has spun a big end bearing. The end. Will be weighing up my options but since Im going to bris I may have to sell as is.
  6. Z32 AFM, wind up the boost and away you go I think 300rwhp is a decent comfortable number, but it does all come down to driveability and what you want from it.
  7. I replaced both power steering lines with speedflow 200 series, but I had issues with the fitting seating correctly onto the power steering rack due to the different angles of the chamfer! Especially under high pressure. So it leaked!
  8. Seems expensive for one line. But if it works, it works! I had an issue since I changed the HICAS pump and reservoir to non HICAS pump and aftermarket reservoir....
  9. Cool, link? I should've just done that with mine hahaha.
  10. Ah excellent. Good on ya. Whelp I'm moving to QLD lol, but probably leaving the 180 behind in Perth.
  11. Woah?! Sold it to a NZ buyer?
  12. Nah, I dont think its the fuel filter. I havent changed it since I've owned it, but the fuel purge system is just before the fuel rail. If there was a restriction, I probably would have noticed a restriction of flow. I will have to check the plugs, haven't done that yet.
  13. Hi peeps, Ok, in the last week or so my s15 has been stalling even with the clutch fully depressed. So stalling say, when I go from 3rd to 2nd and then it won't start. Cranks over. I've tested the battery at battery world, and it's fine. Car has actually started after I've charged the battery too but I have not yet run the risk of driving it in fear of getting it stuck somewhere. Other potential checks: Fuel pump (walbro 255) Alternator (geez just replaced the 180s one!) Haltech ECU (??) Any one else got ideas? Car specs are here if it helps: http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php
  14. Why not use dry ice to remove the sound deadener? I think you can get it at BOC gas. I know orange oil works wonders too but probably not very cost effective. Chromoly arms everywhere! That'll save weight too xD
  15. Do it once do it right. Or find an oem replacement... I've made my own using speedflow fittings, but to make things easiest just get an enzed one imo.
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