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  1. Is this using factory gauge on cluster or aftermarket gauge? what radiator/fans are you running? with the big thick core rads and fans hardwired on all the time it can take a very long time to get proper warm, lots of people iv came accross not running temp controlled fans and just on with the key or a switch.
  2. frack yeahhh. finally it looks semi complete
  3. also heard that, cage has to comply to a few regs and you need to prove your not going to kill yourself and said passenger
  4. swap coil pack wiring and re-test, is plug 1 wetter than the rest? checked injector is working? it would be wise to get a compression test done to rule out cylinder issues before jumping into deeper diagnostics
  5. Hey dude, welcome to the club abit of an odd noise you got there. best bet to confirm if its a noisy turbo is to pull the inlet pipe off and have a look at the blades and the housing to check for scratches/scoring. you can also check for excessive oil leakage and play in the bearings while you are in there PS: make sure the car hasn't been running first...
  6. i assume that means dash (gauge) cluster
  7. Yeahhh beeps are cool. But Prosport gauges are stupidly loud
  8. that gasket isnt in very good nick, unless it got stuck to the block when you pulled it off? id clean the surfaces and get a LEGIT straight edge and check it. at minimum machine head and new gasket, pending block is okay. its all ally so if one is warped high changes the other will be too. i recently purchased an SR with blown HG and it turned out the head and block faces are warped beyond repair. gasket looked fine but was still leaking coolant into combustion chamber.
  9. gahhhh id love to. engine need to be put back together first. might try convince the missus to run her DE auto if other silvias are going down though EDIT: cruise is same day, decisions...
  10. yeah if its wired correctly you hold the button in and turn ignition on keep holding it till the beep stops it will remember if you have the 12v constant wire hooked up correctly and will stay off until battery dies etc
  11. Well I feel a 3076 is possibly on the bigger side to what I wanted, I like twin scroll but apparently it's not very effective using 1 gate. 2 is stretching the budget a little. So from what iv gathered a GTX3071 .73? single scroll is probably a good meet in the middle option. http://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/181867841643 Remember I am willing to deal with it being more like 370hp and having much more response.
  12. Was gonna go to this but its looking like im getting pissed with mrs & friends instead.. its her bday so il let it slide... hope the cruise goes well Your car looks better every time i spot it btw
  13. Wow that spread sheet is handy to keep! Munt it's kinugawa, under a new name. We all know how good they are, I'm going to be choosing something from their billet wheel ball bearing range regardless as a test for the quality, it's just deciding between the many options! Yeah 3071 was mainly thrown out there because he suggested it, wanted to see who thinks what about that, it wasn't my first thought that's for sure
  14. 1: http://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/181863305169 2: http://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/181866446193 3:http://www.ebay.com.au/ulk/itm/171951281321
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