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  1. Thanks mate, Justin showed me your 180, looks clean, nice buy. 300HP seems like a good amount, many people aim for this amount. Not too high, not too low, just the right amount for a 180 :-)
  2. Haha everyone is welcome, all people, all cars. I know the phrase Four on the floor is used to refer to transmission and in some cases a style of music. But we chose this name because the one thing every car has in common is that it has four wheels rolling (except for the off chops, over powered cars that like doing wheelies down the quarter haha) But you get the idea. We are starting to get some numbers and a wide variety of cars on our cruises!! Hope to see some more of you guys and gals on our future car cruises!!
  3. I have a second motor that i will be rebuilding, as i don't actually know how many kms my current engine has done, or what condition it really is in, i figured rebuilding another engine will give me peace of mind knowing that i have a reliable engine that i can put some money into knowing it isn't going to crap itself anytime soon. I have been thinking about machine/ head porting, but i don't know if that will be in the budget, is it very expensive to get done? I think poncams will be the way to go, as i would much rather response over top end power at this stage. 740's look like
  4. Thanks mate, I was thinking that 740cc is probably the better way to go, I'm sure i wont be pushing passed 300hp anytime soon but i know i will in the future, Stock coil pack seems to be fine, Bosch 044 fuel pump, I'm not sure what boost controller at this stage but i am thinking of installing a NIStune ecu, I was looking at poncams, but i was also wondering what would be needed to install a decent set of procams and what kind of power gain you would get, lets say 260 Degree 12.00mm Lift? cheers, I looked at your build, which helped me a fair bit, your progress with your s14 is looki
  5. I bought my 180sx back in mid 2011 to use as my daily car, it didn't have too much done to it back then, but I'm slowly getting the work done to it now. Since then i have replaced a lot of things including, turbo, exhaust manifold, ball joints, tie rods, clutch master and slave cylinders, down pipe, intercooler piping and the list goes on. I have heaps of plans for my 180, but as always money is an issue, so slowly but steadily she is getting built the way i want her. As my progress goes on, ill post updates in this build thread. Car Make: Nissan Car Model: 180sx Car Year: 1989
  6. cheers for the info, have you got any idea where i can grab a copy of the mag? i have looked in so many news agencies and cant find it anywhere, really interested in checking it out.
  7. Does anyone have any idea who started the magazine? who is mainly associated with it at this stage?
  8. This is a awesome thread, a lot of time taken and i know there would be a lot of people that appreciate it. I'll be following this while i rebuild my spare sr. Since you put the engine in your car, did you have any problems with it at all?
  9. Sounds like a plan to me, hopefully the 180 will be running sweet by then, otherwise I'll just come cheer on the imports while they smash the V8s down the quarter haha
  10. Not a big fan of r33's but with the 34 front end this thing looks mental!!! Definitely a worthy skyline!!
  11. This is why the import scene is what it is today, generous people and those around with respect and appreciation. Good idea champ, I'm sure there will be many people keen to come by and use the setup. I know I would if I met the requirements haha
  12. Thanks mate, I now have the window fixed but ill keep that in mind for next time.
  13. I have had a look through the forums and couldn't find the answer. So I managed to get a big crack in the front window of my 180. Just wondering if anyone knows of a good place that will replace it for a decent price? Thanks
  14. Just letting everyone know that we have a cruise coming up soon (exact date to be confirmed) Head over to http://www.facebook.com/f0ur0nthefl00r to check it out, hope to see you guys there.
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