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  1. LEDs look rad bro. This makes me want to buy another Silvia..
  2. Sexy. This thing is way nice now. It's the small things that make a car good, you're smashing it dude. Everything is on point. Keen to see photos of the led tail lights, need some ideas for the new daily.
  3. Ethan


    Sorry if I missed it, but did you mention who made that manifold? Rear section is looking good considering you haven't done much welding before. Love your DIY mentality.
  4. Ethan

    JS15's 15

    Top efforts man, looks good. I must say the TE37s are a far better choice of wheel compared to the grams. We have some of the same parts and I think my gktech arms were in the same batch as yours. Ha One thing I would like to know, how do the DBA vs RDA rotors stack up against each other? Have you given the RDAs some abuse yet?
  5. So you'll have it repaired but the bolts and bracket will still be inside? Never thought of doing that..
  6. How do you plan on fixing the front bar for long term? Fibreglass repair and filler?
  7. Big Country Lab. wing perhaps? http://bigcountrylabsintl.com/s14-gt-wings
  8. Ethan


    Looks so sweet man, can't wait to see it in person.
  9. Ethan


    I just read your whole thread from start to finish looking for the beginning of the JZ swap, only to find it was first mentioned only 5 pages back. Haha, this has become a favourite of mine real quick.
  10. Ethan


    Man I'm stoked I found this. Was gonna ask if anyone has put a 1jz in a Silvia over here, this makes me happy.
  11. Yay, updates! Also keen to have a geez at rising Sunday. Where can we get more info?
  12. Just a suggestion, are the calipers on the correct sides? Front and rear? When I got my car, my front calipers were on the wrong sides and the bleed nipple was at the bottom, trapping all air in the caliper at the top. Bled it for hours after a pad change and couldn't work out what the problem was, until I was informed they were upside down/wrong side. Swapped sides, bled up first go. No idea how they managed to bleed them like they were before I had it.
  13. That almost looks like it has come off previously and been super glued back on. The paint wouldn't come off like that with the normal stuff..
  14. Where exactly is it leaking? Don't go and blow heaps of unnecessary coin on a rack rebuild for something that might be as simple as a loose pipe fitting or hose clamp.
  15. Spewing. If you have the front up on stands and go lock to lock, can you hear it? Or does it need to have weight on it and/or be moving? If it does it jacked up, get a mate to turn lock to lock while you have a geez underneath, might be able to see something moving, or hear where it is if it's internal, say in the rack like you believe..
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