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  1. As title, I was wondering if clutch kit (clutch and pressure plate) from a RB25 fits our SR20 5 speed gearbox? Are they identical? Cheers
  2. Spoken to the seller today. Met up with him to checkout the seats. I paid extra attention to the bolting points and also tried to twist and flex the seat body. All looked very sturdy and properly built. They are very huggy and man they certainly look wicked! Just did some google searches tonight as well and found no info on safety issues related to these seats. Apparently they are widely used all over the world and very common in the states. I guess I'll give them a go. I mean if they are widely used by so many people especially those who drift in them and have had no issues I don't see
  3. Yeah have to or else the seats will just sitting in garage instead of in the car unless someone can help me weld up some brackets?
  4. Stumbled across this ads on gumtree this morning. Just wondering if anyone here have purchased from this guy? $800/pair for carbon VIOS III (by the look at his photo) sound pretty good deal. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bull-creek/...ffer/1018810049
  5. Yeah forget about fitting non GTR seats as it doesn't worth the effort. I stumbled across this ads on gumtree. This guy is selling Carbon Bride replica seats for $800/pair and he can supply mounting brackets too.. pretty good deal I reckon. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/bull-creek/...ffer/1018810049 Just my 2cents
  6. Yes I am kinda good in electronics but I am worried the the horn wire will gets wound on the steering column and possibly lock up the steering? I dont mind to hack up the existing boss kit as long as the clock spring still works..
  7. So now my problem is the boss kit I have cannot go through the clock switch. I was wondering if I trim the boss kit down just enough to slip through the clock switch, then everything should be ok right?
  8. I did tried to install the boss kit with the clock spring on but my boss kit won't be able to sit inward enough as the white clips that hold the 2-pcs clock spring together are in the way.
  9. Hi guys, Need some help to install an aftermarket steering wheel onto my S15. Today was trying to install a Nardi Steering wheel into my S15 but stumbled across how complex is the airbag in the S15. So I took off the air back, loosen the 19mm nut and the whole stock steering came out, no issue. What lies behind the stock steering is another layer of genuine Japanese intelligence. It looks like it is the air bag sensor or something that runs on slip rings. One side connected to the steering column where as the other side is turning with the steering movement. So, took my N6 boss kit
  10. ah.. cool... thanks for the info guys!!
  11. Hi all, I am not sure if this one has been covered. I now have 2 ECU for CA18DET, one is stated Auto & the other one obviously manual. can the auto ECU plug and play into the manual CA18DET loom? also, there is a pot adjustment at the back of the ECU, what is it for? Thanks in advance.. Cheers
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