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  1. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the SR luck ><; I just discovered that after I put everything back together now the radiator core leaks =-= Im not really a YOLO kid but like to do the majority of the stuff myself. Now I gotta find a new front mount and radiator setup because Predator Motorsport went under and nothing will match up to the existing support inbuilt to the intercooler!
  2. Thanks ZEE Ill give it a shot tomorrow!
  3. In the progress of fixing the front main seal I can't seem to get the damn thing off!!! Anyone know a good way of removing them? I just dont want to damage anything bahahahhaha
  4. The GFB stuff is amazing from my experience its pretty easy to install with a bit of electrical know how! From the looks of things 12 psi is pretty much the limit for the stock injectors and I would personally not run anything more than 10PSI. With the stock airflow meter you will max it out pretty soon @ 12 psi and hit the AFM voltage cut limit. Until you get a front mount, injectors and ECU keep it @ 10psi.
  5. Also discovered instead of a walbro 255lph I had a Bosch 040 installed <3 The only thing is that the muppet who installed it before me had it sucking up air all the time so time to fix that up! http://i.imgur.com/F54eqq1.jpg?1
  6. Well after finishing exams and all that jazz the front main seal decided to kill itself and spew oil everywhere on the road... Manage to see the oil pressure drop and kill the engine before any damage was done. So its time to pull it out. Being the predator setup with everything pushed into the engine bay the radiator and inter-cooler both need to be removed. So decided to go the whole horse and clean everything up at the same time. Hopefully the harmonic balancer isnt fracked up and its just a seal in and done. My current feels towards the car...... http://i.imgur.com/iQOddCv.jpg Al
  7. Yeah its quite a nice setup and if you spray it black, you almost cant see the intercooler at all~ Ill have pictures later today after I get the immobiliser wired up again unk0wn Edit: Uploaded for you!! Take a quick pic of your setup if you can bro!
  8. Haro Silvia people, I have a 9x's S13 originally a DE now converted to DE+T. Originally bought as a car to get me till I finish uni. However, over the short span that I have owned this car so far after coming from a FC3S. The shopping list: -SR20DE+T @ Blitz Ku Klux Klan special 450R -Trust sump -Speed Flow Braided inlet and return lines -Predator 4" Inter cooler + Radiator setup -Work Emotion XT9's -550cc Nismo Injectors -Z32 AFM -Power FC -Full rebushing of all suspension bits -White line sways rear and front -Tein SS Coils -Freddy FF plenum -Silverline Water pump -38mm Turbo Smart external
  9. This is a big myth. Car starting twice as fast means nothing to be quite honest. IF you want to make your car more responsive then a close ratio gear box, bigger turbo, v mount inter cooler setup, cams, etc.... will get you additional gains. By increasing the voltage at the plugs can also be a bad thing, because if they are running at a specific temperature range and then you suddenly up the juice, the spark plug life would diminish significantly and you can possible be running too hot of a spark plug for the current tune.
  10. Yeah I have been looking through but no avail yet! Thanks for the suggestion though crumZ!
  11. Just finished putting the turbo in my S13, however I have had some mysterious idle/revving problems with my 13 ever since I have owned it.... When idling or free revving in neutral the power FC would just cut, turbo timer and boost controller would cut too. The engine check light comes on too!! Which is weird because its only meant to come on if: 1. AFM is reading over 5v 2. Knock is over 60 3. Injector load is 90%> All of the above is impossible because said engine is idling or in neutral... Anyone knowledge able in this?
  12. Well I got it to fit with a good old hammer and what not. However the person who welded my manifold did a terrible job of it. As a warning of avoid carline exhaust in canning vale. The guy didn't even weld at the specified measurements, welds look like a 12 year old at at age and didn't even clean the slag after! The worst experience with this build.....
  13. If you can be bothered going to a race engineer //it's expensive I know// you can get your suspension geometry set up and wheel weights professionally loaded properly. Most aftermarket bits after fiddling with you height and what not will throw out the individual weight loading on each tire. So sorting the geometry and alignment and damper configurations is must!
  14. My fortunately my previous turbo span it's bearings so it's time for the upgrade.. Pulling everything apart it seems that the block is actually a de. I'm not to sure if the motor mounts are different or not but the new turbo a blitz kkk 450r is not clearing it with my low mount manifold. Looking at alternatives I attempted modifying my existing stainless manifold to mount it //as uni student life is broke life// with an external gate but alas it again smashes again the dammed thing! Does anyone have any knowledge on this or knows someone who can build/willing to sell me a compatible on
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