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  1. alrighty then sweet cheers dude. the only problem i have is getting my parkers to work. and then the next problem would be to get all three lights working parkers highbeam and lowbeam at the same time. i have my spotties working on another switch
  2. cheers dude i can see richard is reading this too lol he is going to have the onevia conversion i am having the sil80 conversion. we are just trying to figure out what wiring goes where lol you wouldnt happen to know how to do the sil80 wiring at all would you?
  3. as stated i am doing a onevia and a sil80 conversion just wanting to know how to do the bloody wiring on the lights i have searched high and low but there wasnt anything really that helpful if asnyone can show us what they have done or even better come and show us how to do it that would be bloody awesome. beers will be provided
  4. hey guys i am joel. i have been going to cruises. i think about 4 of them now i own the shiznit blue 180 but that will all be changed shortly good bunch of blokes/chickys and very useful cheers joel
  5. pics please guys haha i am wanting to install mine in the boot just to tidy the engine bay up alot. and wanting to know what goes where. also what do the battery relocation kits cost from battery world etc?
  6. thankyou for that my plug from the switch to the motor on my 180 isnt connecting at all properly so i have to open up the door card and push the plug in tighter whenever i want to open/close my window.
  7. whats wrong with those lights? i quite like them lol
  8. hey man nice 180. love the sticker bomb on the centre fascia im new to the site and have realised there are a sheetload of us 180 drivers sor love it
  9. yeah i think i will be there maybe haha depends on wether or not i wanna drive my 180 down or find another cheap car to run
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