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  1. nah haven't done much track work at all due to #babylife. They are a huge upgrade from the stock s14 brakes which are pathetic. Totally transforms your car. On the rims, I picked mine up for $600 bare after raiding some ones car for sale thread. I would aim for similar rather than forking out for new especially a +35 sheetty offset. I think sau traders used to advertise enkei's cheaper than that but I haven't been on there for a while..
  2. 17 * 9 +17 enkei on a s14 checking in fronts fit good. rears project from guard by a small amount (~1cm or less) when squared up but have never been pulled up on it driving by the popo 33 gtst front and rear brakes with dba4000's no issues
  3. I have the standard 3071 with a 0.63 rear 380hp on e85 full boost at 4k on a roller/hyperdrive, had done 430 on allstar/hubber prior to the latest tune I need to revert back to stock coils to pump more boost & we think we could gain ~30hp more my dyno is the last post in the power league thread if your interested
  4. 240hp on the stocker checking in just cut your losses and take it elsewhere, c-reds tuning is average at best..
  5. does anyone have a copy of the track layout? so it just a big triangle? tried searching but not really sure what im looking for main vs back track... do we have a meet point for the sat cruise? cheers
  6. what's the go with food whilst we are down there - both sat night & on the sunday? thanks xo
  7. If you are tracking you will need a spare set sooner or later.. buy two sets one decent and the other a set of cheapies for skids ect. I got my work emotions for 600 & you should be able to get a decent set of second hand jappas with tyres for sub 2k. just get your low balls primed.
  8. shweet, happy to trek sat & camp cheers bruh.
  9. im similar to Marshall but with greddy rail/plenum. keep stock coil packs, I have to put mine back in to push for more powahh
  10. im in! is this date now confirmed? need to make work/family arrangements.... never been to collie before do people usually stay in town the night before/where bouts ect? cheers
  11. still keen, will confirm tonight. cheers
  12. keen when does it have to be finalised by? cheers
  13. super keen pending dates ect.
  14. For those looking into this for the future.. I went with a cut and shut bellhousing from eleven10 engineering in adelaide with a z32 i got from kyp. The primary reason for this route was keeping costs to a minimum. The conversion kits are crack $$$$ and z32's are cheaper than the rbs in general.. Have only had it back running for a day and so far its great - shifts feel tighter and the gearstick is rotated ~15 degress to the driver side but these are no issue. Happy with the approach I chose
  15. Z33's are ~5k new from nissan here. ~1.7k new in the us fuark. heaps cheaper second hand.. waiting on a shipping quote hyperdrive and galvsport do bell housing mods for rb25's no kit required. allstar want a kit. alpha omega kit just seems so wildly expensive..
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