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  1. Yeah i did, The rings are gone. I've got a quote to get it re ringed just tossing up whether to do it or not lol...knowing me if this engine comes out ill likely completely overhaul it as per usual
  2. Okay...so we took a terrible turn of events a few days ago. turns out every single exhaust shim had been replaced at one stage....the wrong way round. so sorted that got all new shims and guides put them in and she ran! wiiiith a butt load of smoke out the back, did a compression test 1: 100 2: 50 3:100 4:110 Think its fracked lol, so atm it's up for sale...it actually runs and goes quite well actually just whoever is around gets covered in a large plume of white smoke , so she's up for sale out of frustration , if its not sold by the time i get back from sydney (JULY 14th) ill
  3. Looking good man! i thought plastidip was just meant to peel off ? good to see you have the fiance out there giving you a hand! hahaha
  4. runs very rich lol, bit smokey out the back from excess fuel, splutters a little but i think most of this is due to the fact it hasn't been driven in 10 months, could adjust the timing a little too, run some petrol cleaner through it, new injectors and see how shes goes after that
  5. Took a look for this, appears to be a factory unit so i think some injectors an ecu and a tune will need to be done before pits! not really sure on the whole ECU front, did a search and couldn't find much, would a nistune be fine seeing as my turbo is upgraded ? Thinking Nistune Z32 740CC injectors
  6. yeah this is what i assumed joo, the fuel pump has been replaced with an aftermarket walbro unit which i checked when i drained the tank, how can i tell if my ecu has been nistuned ? ill check the injectors tomorrow when i get the chance, im just stoked that its running lol
  7. Did some minor work on the sil80 this weekend, found out that someone had replaced the exhaust shim with an intake shim...don't even ask. so when i put the shims back on last time they were the wrong way round, all good now though! she runs! quite a bit of smoke to start and a rough idle but just needed to live a little as it's been off for around 10 months. took it for a few laps of the block and it lightened up a little now thinking it needs a tune ? the car is running a hks 25/30 but standard computer ? im pretty sure it should have an aftermarket if im running this turbo and possibly l
  8. Voltage drop isn't really a major issue over the span of an extra 3m at most, just go up 2 gauges of wire and it will be fine, as long as everything is left accessable and tidy ive always thought battery and fuse/relay box relocation is a great idea, most new cars have most of this in the boot these days anyway.
  9. Definitely neatens up the bay, i did something similar on my SS, pulled the entire loom through the firewall and have my fuses and relays positioned under the dash and in the drivers kick panel, must say it's definitely not something to tackle if you're impatient and or have no experienced or knowledge with wiring.
  10. So Cancer came around to mine yesterday with his truck and towed it to my parents place, as they have a much flatter spot for my car so its easier to work on...the driveway at mine is downhill and a massive pain in the ass. just wanted to say thanks and that he obviously knows what hes doing wasn't worried for a second during loading travel and unloading, even helped me push it to where i needed it to be DEFINITELY recomend his services especially when he'll look after the silwa guys! so hopefully working on this will get a big kick in the ass ASAP as the turbo setup will be going on th
  11. Had the same issue with an old commodore of mine, we went and talked to one of my dads panel beater mates and he said it was actually easier to weld an entire roof on rather than just a single section lol, just a little food for thought.
  12. Yeah i've noticed this Joo, to be honest they arent a bad first car from what i can tell i mean parts are relatively cheap though some are a little hard to get a hold of at times but every car has that, lol my brother blew the head on his 202 HZ kingswood within 6 months of driving it....that being said it still worked fine after that but he chose to take it off the road haha.
  13. I completely agree with this, aslong as maintenance is done you shouldn't really have too many issues with an engine obviously from general wear and tear and age yes but general servicing has always helped from my experience, that being said this is my first turbo car so its a bit of a learning curve for me which is why i've been asking so many questions.
  14. finally got around to doing some work on this while there was no rain on friday arvo...aaaand i made a boo boo. dropped one of the shims down the oil drain hole because im a derpy. so will probably get a magnetic flexi tool and shove it down there see if it picks it up if not ill take the pans off...aaaand if that doesn't work im pretty much stuck to take the engine out and pull it appart which will likely result in a forged rebuild of some sort, fate shall decide the future of this car!
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