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  1. It actually all bolts up but you have to tap the block for the 18 tensioner and use a different timing belt from some random toyota. However. The ca20e bottom end wont handle enough power to make it worthwhile. No oil squirters and the cylinder walls are only really suited for n/a application.
  2. Awesome figure. Must be a real healthy engine and turbo setup. e85 is key here. You can add a heap more timing into the tune w/e85 because lower cylinder temps
  3. Is it ball bearing? The BB version pretty much is stronger for that extra 1-2 psi.15/16 psi. After that is nothing.
  4. Such a good turn around. Hard work pays off,
  5. Shoutout to kyle for letting me borrowing loom. Catch cans not straight because i need slightly longer braided hose on the intake side. Hahaha thanks ollie. I hate the wiring myself but the microtech uses its own loom so ill be cleaning up and using that one
  6. Since my last post a hell of a lot has happened. Yep it blew up again. The gasket between oil filter block and block blew and lost all my oil. Now sick of chancing my arm with these things I decided to build my own. http://i.imgur.com/du3mp9e.jpg I installed new gasket, bearings and rings. Installed the gates racing timing belt and water pump off the other engine. I got the head skimmed and installed a cometic Metal head gasket. http://i.imgur.com/RyzCfjD.jpg Brand new OEM Oil pump http://i.imgur.com/pqFkvis.jpg Everything all put back together http://i.imgur.com/MlfqaBN.jpg
  7. Bruce


    They sell both?
  8. First thought is spark plugs. Does it only happen when cold?
  9. I vote an instant ban be put in place if owner removes two tone.
  10. Yeh you defo need the subharness as it was HUD Not many floating around. Best bet is finding someone wrecking the an s13 with normal cluster
  11. 100% a misfire. Would do exactly as you described. Interesting how that would happen after an oil change. Disconnect a coilpack 1 by 1 while running and see what one doesnt make a difference to the running of the engine. The work out if spark or fuel on that cylinder. More than likely a coilpack, especially this time of year.
  12. Can still be s15 and journal bearing. ADM s15s have them. Tiny bit is fine. Oil seems fine. Probably from the breather setup on the previous engine.
  13. Hey man nice car. Love a nice two tone. Your revs arent working as the car used to be CA and your cluster is probably not configured for it. You can fix it with a resistor or just get an sr20 cluster
  14. I did notice some of the result seemed low, even for a higher compression it was lower than stock det you would be expect to be around. Maybe the higher compression takes the limits of the stock setup with little headroom? I had that problem at 10 psi in a ca18 +t. Hits the limit of the afm. The injectors would be next. Also a decent 3" turboback exhaust and good tuning of the upgraded components would be important
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