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  1. Yo I checked it out, I couldn't find much maybe I scrolled over it haha, who on here has done the conversion?
  2. So I have a vg gearbox and am going to use it with my sr? I'm thinking of buying the mazworks adapter kit but I'm not sure on what needs to be done to the bellhousing to make it fit. Is it just machining so the adapter plate sits flush, so there is like a step down machined out for the adapter plate to sit in? Anyone who has done the conversion what brands did you use for the adapter?
  3. if ya need a helping hand with any bits n bobs James gimme a bell im only round the road
  4. oh haha yeah but still stupid to waste a built ca why not sell to fund rb? but anyway its for the misses to drive rb will be too much so 1.8 ca is fine for now
  5. Well its the misses car for a while but no doubt she will give it to me when she gets her dream car ya know but yeah thanks for input... Ps if it pops aint no 4 cyl going in
  6. so me and the misses are looking at a CA powered 180 quite a good price for the mods, top of the line bc coilovers, full kit with a little widebody done well external gate its got some goods The question I have is (although most likely asked before) what would be the better differences between the two in comparison eg ca has this which is better than this on the sr and so on??
  7. yeah buddy that looks awesome, waiting for these full painted parts pics!!
  8. heres hoping bro... if ya need extra hand to get ready by friday gimme a yell?
  9. I think i should be ok for now, but if i need them, i'll give you a shout. cheers. Only insured for 3rd party +fire/theft. Even if it was fully comprehensive though, i don't think it would be worth claiming since it would put my premiums up, plus the $1500 excess it would be to start with. Going to start looking for panel beaters, does anyone know any good panel beaters? Dad thinks he can pull some of it out though, so we'll see what we can fix up before taking it there. I'll try have a look for that carbon canister. Can anyone tell me where it is/what it looks like? The car seemed to run
  10. I would suggest getting Crazy Luke to weld some 90 degree bends on each end will help alot in the long run i would imagine?
  11. nice bro nice... this will be a decent job when done
  12. if you need them i have some stock upper control arms you can have, they have aftermarket bushings in them but will need taking out and re installing free... just come grab em...
  13. well if ya need any ideas or design help let me know... im not far away bro so i dont mind helping
  14. just tube from strut tops forward less tube less hassle?
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