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  1. I've recently done valve stem seals on my s13 but when putting back together I threaded one of the cam bolts into the block because of a faulty torque wrench. How can I find out the size/thread type of the bolt so I can get a helicoil kit to suit. Thanks
  2. WTF is a rocker cover shim? Do you mean the bucket shims in the actual head? Woops, "Rocker arm shims"
  3. Thanks, Do you know how i find out where they all go and what size i need to get?
  4. So me again, heads back on, but in the time of taking things aparts and ready to put stuff back on, i have lost 1 of the rocker cover shims, I have all the 8 guides but i lost one of the shims, its my belief that they need to be a certain size? and where can i get one? edit: Also i accidentally mixed them up when the head came out so i dont know exactly where they go either
  5. I've got the head back and a new metal headgasket, and im going to give it a shot myself, i've a got a metal headgasket to go on, and new standard headbolts, do I need change how i torque the head down because i've changed the head gasket or do the same as the FSM sayd because they're the same bolts?
  6. So a bit of the update, The heads being machined at the moment, ive got new bolts and metal headgasket to pick up tomorrow, then im going to take the car to a shop, And get them to re-assemble everything but to check the block before they do anything.
  7. The head jsut been sent off to be re-machined, and ordering a new gasket, how do you check if the block is warped beyond repair?
  8. http://imgur.com/a/X69ry Heres a link to the images all the photos i took.
  9. Took off the head tonight, honestly dont see any cracks in head or block, gasket may have holes in it, but i honestly dont know what i'm looking at. will post photos later tonight. will discuss option once you guys see the photos.
  10. Yeah cams and everything came out easily last night. In the right order. Just need to purchase a breaker bar to the the head bolts off and that's it. Where do you find the specific torque specs for everything? I couldnt find it in the fsm
  11. Dude i got a webber where the car is at my mum and dads haha. Just finished taking most of the engine apart, everything is off except for the head, so i just need to purchase a breaker bar and get the head off, after that it's just inspecting to see if i do just need to replace the gasket or get a new engine, its just the putting the engine back together and getting the torx correct that i dont know about.
  12. I've decided to take the head off my engine and repalce the headgasket, i did find a guide on how to remove the head, which is not so good, i did a quick check in the approved article sectiona nd couldnt find any guides, just wondering if anyone knows of any GOOD guides, as well as a guide for actually replacing the gasket and putting it all back together, Because i have never taken an engine apart and i have no idea what im doing. Thanks
  13. From what ive been told this wont fix a low compression problem of an old tired engine
  14. So i'm really just posting this here to have a look at what others opinions are on the problems im having. I posted a few months ago that i bought new parts for my car and I had C-red Put them in, I got the car back and it started having over-heating issues at idle. Took it back to him, he said there was nothing wrong with it. same problem happened, took it back and he did more diagnosing and apparently there's a slight crack in the head which is getting gas into the radiator etc... Now the way I see it is that he has done this on his dyno while tuning the car, which apparently he is not lia
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