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  1. Ahh ok. So your aero package is extremely limited. I'm looking into all of the above, trying to find the best options. Not sure if i want to go to the extent of getting carbon parts. I think I'll leave that till last.
  2. Ahh ok, cool. What about engine bay ducting, a rear Diffuser or front splitter? Are there any options for those? Sounds like you're fairly limited there though. As for carbon parts, what are your options for getting those? Would you make them, buy premade or get something custom made up? I imagine it would be expensive any way you approached it.
  3. Looking good! Just curious, will you be doing much aero development on this car? I've been looking into aero for the wtac car i hope to build someday. It seems to be a very interesting "black art" as some people call it.
  4. 270rwhp @12psi are the results on the full tune. I'm pretty happy with this result, more so the curve than the peak figure. The curve is very smooth, very linear which i think i like. It's making less power than when it was last tuned but I'm fine with that. I'd rather have a lazy yet more reliable engine. It's getting sheetloads of blow by at the moment, though the guys that built the bottom end say that's normal until i get a few thousand ks on it. The blow by is causing some idle issues so i think I'll be putting a catch can on when i get the chance. I'll also be getting another tune some
  5. It's been a while and I haven't been able to post updates due to limited time and Internet access. But I'm finally excited to say the sil is back on the road at long, long last. Can't make a huge post from my phone, but she's running well on the current run in tune and the new zorst sounds absolutely mint. The full tune is booked for the 8th of December and i can't frikken wait. See you all at the cruise on Sunday.
  6. I might have to borrow this from you if I may.
  7. Nah. With arduino I can literally do whatever I want. There's so many code libraries out there that do most of what I want. Plus there's tons of plug and play componentry that allows me to add on extra functionality. I can make it or change it to EXACTLY the way I like it. Hell, I could even add buttons on the steering wheel so I can play Mario. And even a knock off would be more than $50. ...totally going to make it run doom now.
  8. After doing nothing for a while, I decided to get back into this project. I've decided that communicating with the factory ECU is going to be too hard and I can get the same results by either using my own sensors or tapping into the existing ones directly. I've purchased an arduino ATMEGA 2560 which has 14 analogue inputs and a pretty substantial memory and processing capability for the size of it. If I need more I'll either get a second controller or setup transistor switching on the inputs so I can have multiple sensors connected to each analogue pin. A rough list of things I want to be rea
  9. Yeah, I'm guessing I'll need a budget of $70k+ to build the WTAC car I dream of. (In 10+ years or so if it even happens) For the next round of mods I'm looking at $10k for turbo, manifold, redoing all my intake pipework, Haltech ECU, flex fuel and tune (In 4 years or so). And then there's the inevitable gearbox upgrade that will follow. I remember when I used to think Magic the Gathering or Warhammer were expensive hobbies. The worst (best?) bit is that I don't regret any of it.
  10. Yeah, I estimate about $30-35k on this car all up. :/ I'd probably be lucky to sell it for $13k.
  11. Applied automotive engineering. Just went back again and got told roughly $1500 and two weeks to have the short block and parts all checked, tested, cleaned, machined and assembled. Then add the $1000 or so I spent on parts. A rough list of what that $1500 includes: Cleaning everything Crack testing crank, pistons, rods and bolts Compression testing the head (valves) Decking the block and head Honing the bores Measuring all the crank, piston and rod clearances Polishing... whatever it is that needs polishing I guess Fitting the piston rings, pistons, rods and crank After everything's done,
  12. Yeah, although much slower than I'd like. There's so many other bits and pieces I want to get and do but my budget is pretty tight at the moment. In fact that exhaust ended up blowing out from an expected $300 to about a $900 total. But I figure that since RACDC has closed I can take a little longer getting it track ready. So things like a winged sump, radiator etc can wait till I have the money. I've also got a pair of GTS 86 seats to put in too. I've got to modify the rails for those to fit which I expect to be a pain in the anus. Unfortunately that's got to wait till my old man's back from
  13. Minor update. Short block is being assembled by the pros. Decided it's not worth the risk to do it myself. Clutch has just left Japan. I ordered an ORC 409 single plate coppermix. And this arrived today. Which is going to be put in like this: So if I'm lucky she'll be back on the road in about 3-4 weeks.
  14. If your ride is too harsh you want softer springs. Ideally you pair your damping setting to your spring. To adjust the damping there should be a knob on the top mounts you can turn.
  15. Maybe the battery wasn't as new as you thought? Or perhaps you've got an earth leak. Or some really sheetty wiring.
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