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    1992 nissan Silvia s13 sr20de manuel
  1. Hey guys i brought a unfinished project and there is a works engineering throttle body on the car, i have a few questions, my throttle cable is hell long for it now so is there a shorter cable to fit? And has anyone had any trouble with those throttle bodys?
  2. Its the z32 rear brakes i want to change, i want z32 front brakes on my rears also
  3. Hi people, i just brought a five studand want to run 2 pot z32 breaks all round because the single pot ones look yuk lol anyone know how i could do this? Tia
  4. Can anyone post a link or has a thread with a full detailed install with pictures? I'm going to buy and install one in my s13 soon and need a decent install to follow I have checked Google with very minimal success, thanks in advance!
  5. Okay mate thanks for the detailed reply, I have a more clearer view of a sr ignition, I'll be buying them after my fmic
  6. Rikki

    Red top s13

    Hey I'm trying to find out how much my local mechanic would charge for them to check and adjust my timing, I'm asking people who have had it done I would call but they won't quote it's a (it takes as long as it takes) deal person experience would help heaps thanks
  7. Rikki

    Turbo troubles

    Okay maybe it didn't change but I think everything I've done has improved bit by bit aha it's Got to be timing or a air leak
  8. Cheers man Im chasing a t28 now aha and I have a k&n in that air box but i was going to change to a pod soon,
  9. We're can I get a nistune? Any Dyno shop?
  10. Okay mate cheers I'll start modding lol
  11. Is there a way to improve throttle response on a s13 ret top? It's stock, I've adjusted the throttle cable but that's it, I've seen on the internet some guy put a current booster thing on the power wire going to his coils to make the voltage high and his car started twice as fast as before? Any input would be great cheers
  12. Rikki

    Turbo troubles

    Maybe me disconnecting the batter and ecu reset it? And when I plugged it back it had them rebooted or whatever and now runs better? Oh well weight reduction is always good Cheers all of you for your help!!!! Could it effect it if one of the wires were still connected? If KYP missed a wire that should have been disconnected but wasn't ?
  13. Rikki

    Turbo troubles

    This second ecu has B written on it in black writing and is about 3/4 the size of the engine ecu if you type in "s13 transmition ecu's" in Google you will see what I'm talking about haha so happy
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