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  1. Damn this used to look so clean lol Kit and paint have taken a bit of a beating as a daily... well as of last month it's no longer a daily, gives me a chance to address some things on it. The tail light restoration didn't last as long as I hoped, the clear coat is flaking off so will have to redo that at some point, wheels need a refurb again as well. Some more engine work is lined up in the next month or so, upgrading to Kelford V-188-B cams with Supertech valve springs, recently ditched the boost tee for a Gizzmo V4 ebc and changed out the Mamba TD05 for a Kinugawa GTX2867R + 6Boo
  2. Super clean 15 man! Can I ask what the lip is on the wing? Seen a few S15's around insta/facebook with them but can't find any info on them
  3. Didn't realise its been almost a year since the last update Not much is new tbh, got around to re-tuning the car with some upgrades. Ditched the stock turbo finally and went with a Mamba unit, a GTX billet wheel TD05-18G 8cm While I was at it I upgraded the MAF sensor from the stock unit to a HPX N1 from Nistune, and had it installed blow through style in the cold side intercooler piping. Got it retuned at Garage 101, and was pretty stoked with the results. Made 311.3rwhp at about 17psi, still internal gate and with the Turbosmart boost tee. That's going to have to change in the future
  4. Kit is complete!! Thanks to my mate Brendan for sorting out the paint, Navan bar was a genuine plastic item, however the pods were fibreglass from JSAI Aero. Very good quality and almost perfect fit, would recommend. I think exterior is pretty much complete, maybe a few little additions and changes here and there but nothing I need to worry about for a while. Overall I'm pretty stoked with how it's looking now
  5. Got the guards rolled at DIY Garage so I could actually drive with these wheels and lowered it a bit more. I'd been playing with photography for a while at this stage so here's some pics, hopefully a nice change from iphone quality Also yes, managed to source some genuine JDM weathershields With my mate Brendan's super nice JDM S15 Spec R: Hopefully will have another update by the end of the week but heres a little sneak peak
  6. Pretty sure this forum is dead but I've fixed the pics and I'm gonna update this anyway lol Finally bought wheels, Work Rezax 1 in 17x9+18 all round, three piece goodness. Not ideal sizes but I wanted them as a project anyway as they were in pretty bad shape. First job was to split them, and strip the sheet black paint from the barrels and centres. Taped off, ready for paint. Etch primed and decided to go with VHT Graphite wheel paint for the centres, with VHT wheel clear, barrels were left raw. The lips had a lot of oxidation and sheet on them so the next step was wet sanding and
  7. Yeah not bad man, dealing with him was easy, took just over 3 weeks to get them made and delivered. Would have liked the fit to be just a little bit better considering they were made to order, can't complain for the price though.
  8. Decided to try Kmak Aero's Navan style skirts as I'd heard good things. Genuine was proving difficult to find, and the ones I did see for sale where more than what I was prepared to pay, although I'll still be keeping an eye out for a good set. Pretty happy with these for now, straight out of the box they fit up quite well, the guys from Spraytek were quite impressed with the fitment from the fibreglass. I'm slightly annoyed that they don't fit perfectly like OEM skirts, but the rest of the paint and bodywork on the car isn't great once you get up close anyway, so the extra time and effo
  9. Finally ditched the stock head unit and installed a Pioneer single din unit. I can't be bothered with double din touchscreen headunits with nav and all that sheet, and I'd always planned to go with din gauges, so I made up a panel out of some 3mm carbon plate to mount them in. Currently only have a water temp gauge but my mate kindly photoshopped the other 2 gauge holes so I could see what it'll look like when finished. I'm pretty happy with it, gauges fit perfectly, spacing between the gauges is good and the panel is removable for easy access to the wiring and back of the gauges.I also made a
  10. Looks like you can buy them straight off the Nistune website, they sell the bung things for them too. Yep haha would've been me, I work at Cockburn Autobarn
  11. Hmm that HPX kit from Nistune is looking very appealing atm, NZEfi also do one for about the same price but with an oem r35 sensor. Although Nistune state the HPX can read 100kw higher than oem R35 in a 3" tube, so I guess HPX is the way to go? I'll do a bit more reading on it but for the same price as a brand new Z32 from Taarks, looks like the best option, plus I guess new tech vs old z32/rb25 tech, more power support than I'll ever need, and finer tuning capability, might be a good idea to do it now, rather than in the future when/if I decide to go bigger turbo.
  12. Cheers for the replies guys! Yeah 10 is a bit low, I'd like it to be around 14, but I suppose the guys at C-Red were just going for safety and didn't put it up anymore. I'll try hunting around for a Z32 next week and a few other things, but a retune probably won't be on the cards for a while, couple of months maybe.
  13. So the car went in to C-Red earlier this week to get the injectors, cams and a Nistune installed and tuned. This is where things get kinda weird.... Basically everything went pretty well, however I was expecting numbers around 250rwhp with the mods I have (injectors, fuel pump, fmic, exhaust, boost and cams). I knew my limiting factors for power would be the stock turbo and stock afm, however as I understood it, the stock T28 is good for 12-14psi with the upper limit above 15psi and the afm good for over 250rwhp. Now I've also heard C-Red's dyno reads low, but... my car rolled off having only
  14. Cheers man, floor mats were $115 I'm pretty sure.
  15. Time for an update I think. Haven't touched this for a while Camber arms and new tie rod ends went in, and I got the car aligned. The stock tie rod ends didn't have any noticeable play, but the boots were munted. However the car felt sooo much tighter in the steering after the new ends went in. Pretty stoked at how it handles now. Finally got around to sorting go fast bits, ordered Nismo 740cc injectors off RHDJapan. I was considering a cheaper option like Deatschwerks or FiveO Motorsport, but I wasn't convinced of the quality. Also picked up some cams, originally I wasn't going to bothe
  16. Thanks man, it's slow going making it into the car I want, but it's getting there. Actually I think it was me that bought your wing lol. Were you selling a heap of other red kouki parts at the same time?
  17. Jeez, been a while since I touched this thread and hardly anything's changed. I'll put some pics up anyway Acquired a genuine JDM Kouki wing: Picked up these, STD Racing coilovers, lowered it a bit, still perfectly driveable as a daily and handles much better. Got a set of Earls braided turbo lines from GKTech, took the opportunity to put in new MLS gaskets and S15 manifold to delete the EGR. Such a sheet job, do not plan on doing again anytime soon. Also noticed my turbo to mani gasket had cracked? I couldn't hear it leak but looks like it might have started to, at least I don'
  18. +1 all white, looks cleaner
  19. @driftpig Yeah didn't go too badly, yeah from rattle cans. It's a paint VHT make, called Anodized coat, two stage with the silver metallic base and then the red top coat, finished with a few coats of clear. Got the paint from work, Autobarn, but any of the major parts stores should have it. Duplicolour Metalcast is similar but I think the VHT stuff turns out better. @pimpin_calais89 Yeah for sure man, I've been super busy with uni lately but I can try and come past yours when you'e free, or vice versa.
  20. Gonna say no, that's not normal... Might be easier to find the problem if we had more details of the car, specifically any other mods it might have, also how early does the turbo start spooling? Worth checking the wastegate, may be stuck open if you've got no boost.
  21. Thanks, I'm not even sure how much all the parts cost me, I'd been collecting them over 6 or so months and tried to get as much as I could brand new. The labour from PZP was around $900.
  22. The rocker cover gasket had been weeping very slightly since I bought the car, figured the gasket's never been replaced, so that was next. The black paint was also starting to look a little worse for wear, so I decided to fix that too. Pulled the cover off and binned the gasket and plug well seals, started cleaning the cover and stripping the old paint off. I have a thing for candy and metallic reds, so that's what I went with; VHT anodized colour coat, metallic silver base coat with a candy/translucent red top coat. Base coat done, moved on to the colour. Doesn't look like much here...
  23. Figured this thread was due for an update. Finally got an opportunity to get the manual conversion done, yep, no longer auto I had PZP work their magic while I was over east for a week. Would have like to attempt it myself but time, space and resources were limiting. Plus this way the work is top quality and was super convenient being a drive in, drive out conversion. So I've just been driving it anywhere and everywhere the past month, just enjoying it, it's so much more fun to drive now, fuel consumption's taken a dive but eh... Went with an Exedy heavy duty 5 puk clutch, definitely too
  24. Nice looking zenki Matt, they look great in white. That photo is awesome too, was that taken down in Albany?
  25. Yeah just ripped the old one out, and the new one fits straight in by pressing it, didn't use any adhesive as it has a little lip that holds it in, it's actually quite hard to pull it back out once it's in. I'd also love to do all the other weatherseals and trims around the doors and boot, I imagine it could good pretty pricey though.
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