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  1. Just found an old post - http://www.silviawa.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=57679 But still want to hear more recent reviews from members who have visited PZP. Thanks
  2. Hey, I apologize in advance, if this is in the wrong sub forum. If you can direct me to the right one, that would be appreciated. I am currently on the hunt for a new exhaust system for my S13 SR20DET. Looking for Dump, down, cat, and cat back. (3") I found someone recommended PZP as a decent place to get some of these parts. I got quoted their own fabricated parts for a fairly cheap price, but was wondering if anyone got any comments about the place? Anyone bought any of their own fabricated or imported from them before? Thanks!
  3. Wait what's this? I must check this out! Got any more details? Edit: Its fine I googled it, looks pretty sick, ill be sure take lots of photos!
  4. Haha I guess the best is to suss it out while I am there
  5. Hey guys, yeah thanks for the tips and advice. Yeah the trip isn't going to be all about car parts that for sure! I have also been recommended that it was for finding rare or super rare stuff, but problem is I have no idea what would be considered rare? I will probably want to pick up a duckwing while I am there! Haha thanks for the tip! I'll make sure to remember the warm sake
  6. Hi Guys, I apologise in advance if this is the wrong sub for this topic, if you could advise me to move it to a different sub I will. Basically I am travelling to Japan - Tokyo/Kyoto for two weeks and while I am over there I am taking advantage of finding some car parts while I am over there! I am very new to the car/drift scene and wanting some advice on some recommended upgrades I can get while I am in Japan. I am currently driving a S13, fairly stock. SR20DE. I intend to turbo the engine later in the year once I recover spending all the cash in Japan I would like to use it as a dai
  7. I tried PM'ing Frankenstein, but I am guessing he might be unavailable at the moment, does anyone know of anyone who could fix this up? I already tried the fix from the nicoclub website on replacing the capacitor, but it seems to be the same issue still.
  8. Come to a drift practice night like tonight at barbagallo and check it out there is a training pad for new people that Kev runs and helps you learn and once you are good enough he lets you loose on main track. its good fun you will a CAMS license ($110 from memory) and you will need a WASCC membership (barbagallo website) Hey Thanks for the info! Exactly what I needed. I am currently fixing up my car at the moment, so probably not tonight, I might aim early January to get my drift on! Thanks all.
  9. Hello, I am new to the drift/car scene. Is Barbagallos the only place to drift? Especially for practicing? I was reading a few posts here and there about AHG Driving School locations, which is now taken over by RAC? But it seems to be hired out for events only. Is there such an event for super amateurs (noobs) who just want to learn the techniques of drifting and not get rolled over by pros? Thanks in advance!
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