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  1. I do not think so. Bought a Just Jap return flow, so you get what you pay for. pictured below http://i.imgur.com/3wZeQF3.jpg Correct, i got the dual port model. dont care much for sounds... just after reliability and not getting pulled over... so flutter /atmos is out haha If i install new injectors... i will need a tune though right? My end goal is to get it tuned (nistune installed also) once i have the other couple of parts i need (poncams & rocker arm stoppers, z32 afm, bigger turbo, injectors) and just do it in one big go. But if i can install the injectors without a tu
  2. Found it on JCPWA. Was brand new in the box. got it for a steal haha All depends how much you love bov noises. I'm not a huge fan, but its all personal preference Not particularly a huge fan. Will most likely plumb back 100%. Looks like i'll need to weld it to the intercooler piping? (this job just got too big for me haha)
  3. Thanks for the help lads! Might bump it to 12 and see if i get any issues, then go downwards from there. Also picked up a dual port Turbosmart BOV yesterday to replace the stock one. the question is... plumb back, atmos or 50-50? Exciting times once the FMIC, new BOV and the EBC get installed
  4. I am now wondering if anyone has any experience with GFB G-Force 2 EBCs? How easy is it to just plug and play? Is it safe to just do so... I'm thinking around 12PSI is about a safe boost level for a stock sr20det T25? Car will have front mount in by this time also. Cheers
  5. Just FYI this is all solved now. Not entirely sure what was at fault.
  6. Haha yeah that'd be me. I did go to the Curtin cruise, that's where the photo was from! hoping to get some professional photos if anyone took them in the end.
  7. Tasty Booty shot from a local meet. http://i.imgur.com/12uS130.jpg?1
  8. Another epic find! This is without doubt the stockest one i've seen, and yeah seems like theyre always autos...
  9. Solid advice all round guys this is why i come here asking the noob questions haha
  10. I do have a receipt from the previous owner for a Walbro GSS342 Intank Fuel Pump 255LPH High Pressure around a year ago... i'd hope its not on its way out just yet...
  11. Went back 3 hours later and it started. Not sure if it was because i kept cranking and pumping the accelerator, or because it just decided to randomly work. Will be investigating the above ideas this weekend. In the meantime enjoy a nice side profile i snapped this morning: http://i.imgur.com/cPZ6Arl.jpg?1
  12. My goal is a nice streeter with enough power to have some fun. I'd like going sideways much better if I knew how however I don't see myself doing that. It might see an occasional track day here and there, but it is to be first and foremost a fun daily. Update: return flow front mount to be fitted very shortly along with new brighter whiter halogens to get rid of that yellow light at night times.
  13. Hey guys. So I drove my usual 15 minute drive back from work to the local shops. Bought sustenance and went back to car. Stick key in, turn and it cranks but won't start. I have fuel in the car, the immobiliser does turn off(had key fob drama the other day but that's not it I don't think...) and yeah she won't start. Can anyone give me some places to start looking? Cheers! TIA
  14. Mines not OEM no, I've found a replacement remote for $88 which is the model i have, pickup from the shop in east perth. I'll have to program it myself but that should be fine i guess. And yeah, i will go get a key cut also, cheers
  15. Updates: Boost Gauge no longer makes the loud af beep! Cheers dudes. My Remote Fob thingo broke and i need to get it replaced. I have a spare and it still works, have all the other relevant stuff. I basically just want 2 new remotes programmed to my immobiliser, turbo timer and central locking. Anyone have some advice on where to go, what to get? Useful Info ( i have next to no auto electrical knowledge, but with a good guide i'm willing to try haha) I also wouldn't mind getting a spare key cut also, as the spare i have is snapped. Is this as simple as taking it to a key cutter? Cheer
  16. That is awesome. Will test it out this arvo and hopefully i've wired it right haha. Cheers
  17. And after a professional detail, all the sap stains i couldn't remove, even with a claybar are gone. Money well spent. http://i.imgur.com/0O65vNQl.jpg
  18. Prosport Boost Gauge from Project Sokudo now installed after a lot of mucking around! Makes this bloody annoying beep when it turns on... anyone had this drama with them? http://i.imgur.com/H2dBYByl.jpg http://i.imgur.com/daCsxCZl.jpg
  19. Not sure if helpful, but here is an english PDF i found when looking recently. http://www.silviansw.com/manuals/S13%20180sx%20Manual.pdf Edit: For 180sx
  20. Had a feeling you'd pop up here haha Yeah, I'll be at the Dec cruise. I might be doing a track day in the new year too
  21. Good Morning Lads, So I've been lurking around on the forums for a long time, reading countless articles and build threads. I started posting a bit lately and so I've decided to introduce myself properly. My car history is long. I got my first car before my licence. A sheet bucket of a St184 Toyota Celica complete with hole in the muffler, Advanti 17"s and clear coat peel to rival flaky pastries. Since then I've had a Magna, 380 and an Xtrail which I still have (makes picking up car parts from gumtree easy as). But the car that started my obsession was this. a 1993 Nissan NX. This is how I
  22. Yeah... not really sure what you mean there. I'm just having some fun, first time really modding cars. I'm just building it the way it want to, might not be the style for everyone, but it i like the direction its going in After doing more research about power on T25s, yeah i've come to the same conclusion now haha
  23. Had not considered the W2A intercooler actually. Mesh is a very good idea as well, a friend's S14 uses this look and it's great. Does seem like the results are all in the time taken and the effort put into the install. Another good point on the longer piping making for more turbo lag. In terms of my car, it's a streeter that is driven almost daily, sometimes in peak hour traffic as well.... It will see occasional track days, but more cruises than anything. I drive In terms of those performance figures, my car as it sits is: SR20DET Blacktop Non VCT - T25 Turbo - 5 Speed Manual Xforce 3” T
  24. So i recently put up a WTB ad for a FMIC. While building my 180sx, i have very modest goals. Lets say long terms i want to achieve 200atrw kw using no more than 12psi.... okay maybe 14psi... My Ethos of the build is to do everything right. Not to be excessive, and to be as permitted and legal as possible. (in reality i know i'll just get slapped with a yellow anyway, but humour me) So my question is this: I know i will have to cut a lot out of the front end and potentially battery tray to install a standard FMIC. I have now been looking at Return flow intercoolers, where no cutting is
  25. This is starting to look big! The UWA Car Club (UCAS) of which i'm a part of will be coming down
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