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  1. ya mate some 550cc injectors, dicso spud, nistune, front mount intercooler, walbro 255L and a turbo back exhaust will give you all the response you want
  2. good to see you got it sorted mate
  3. think it needs to be set at 15 degrees at top dead centre mate.
  4. its best to have a bov mqte you dont want that back pressure on your turbo fine in the short term but in the long term it can stuff it. Also there are plenty of write ups on google how to set cas i think at standed is 15 degrees. here is how to set it http://www.frsport.com/How-To-Set-Crank-Angle-Sensor--CAS--Timing-on-the-SR20DET-Engine_t_25.html
  5. ya oil on them shouldnt bother them
  6. could be a coil pack breaking down aswell
  7. ya if you can just throw the fuel pressure reg on and make sure you are getting the correct fuel pressure. I have heard on the grape vine that auto ecu where fine for manuals as well. But jump on jap parts wa on face book and see if you can find an manual stock ecu to rule it out, i have seem them go for 50$
  8. ya i hear ya mate got it back from c red today they did a good job of tuning it made 310hp. he did say it was a bastard to tune so i think i will do away with the wolf soon and get a nistune so any tuner in perth can tune my car!
  9. Ya I think in the end I will go a different ECU, But for now I just want to use what I have. From what understand the wolf v500 is worth 2 grand new so it not exactly cheap. It came in the car when I bought it and I dont have the cash at the moment for a new ECU. But I will see how it runs when I get it back and if im not happy i will save my pennys and throw a nistune or a haltech in it.
  10. got a fuel pressure gauge?
  11. i think lynchie180sx2 has a decant bov for sale send him a pm dont think hes asking much. jap parts on facebook always has them posted aswell
  12. does the car idle high mate? could be a intake gasket leak if you have hissing noises? also does it hiss all the time? check your throttle body gasket aswell
  13. haha fondly enough called PZP nop dont wanna touch it. Called C Red they said they would have a bash at it, Marc seems like a helpful fella on the phone got it booked in:)
  14. cool thanks mate ill give them all a call and see who will tune it. If I have no luck might rip it out for a nistune or haltech.
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