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  1. Cheers for the reply mate. The nistune which originally had adm base map was taken off the adm board, reflashed to jdm basemap and then installed on jdm board, so that's fine, there shouldnt be bats, this is confirmed by nats light next to windscreen staying on. There was a blown eng cont fuse in the bay but that was replaced. The two other triggers that are spliced into cas wires, are they fine staying there? All the jdm pinouts I've seen including the powerfc pinouts (I'm assuming the pfc pinouts are suited for jdms) have those spliced pins as having their own pinout. Is it possible tha
  2. Hey all, Have scoured forums up and down for answers on this one, and some advice/help would be great. I attempted an install of a nistune type 4 on my ADM ecu (s15). Struggled with the ground pins as usual, but managed to get them done in the end (although a bit messy) and car ran fine. Two days later, tried starting, and classic limp mode symptoms, eng light on, ran rich af and chuggy firing with no rev over 2k. Pulled board apart and assumed board tracks were f*&*cked, bought a JDM ecu from andy at hyperdrive and got him to install the nistune, great job. Did the pin swaps: fuel
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