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  1. Compression isn't too bad. Between 125 and 135 across all 4 with an ebay test kit. No blue smoke. Reving on the spot was only making 2-3psi boost but I'll put it back on the ground and take it for a spin
  2. Blue hose joins up to intake pipe. Seems like too much oil to be fixed with a catch can? That blue hose from the valve cover was relatively clean inside too
  3. Oil definitely coming from turbo. this is just after taking the intake pipe off. Suprisingpy little shaft play though. Next to no play at all
  4. So I trailered my sr20 180 home early from BDA5 after getting intimate with the sand on V8 race, which destroyed the front bar and skirts, and showed my fmic who's boss! After that car was running rough and i wasn't making any boost which i thought was due to a crack in the intercooler; hence not being able to make sunday! After having a closer look at the car this morning i noticed oil leaking onto the compressor housing from the hotside piping. I took the hoses and intercooler off and sure enough fmic was full of oil (not just your normal residue...). I also looked under the turbo and the wh
  5. Gday all! Sorry if this is an existing thread - i had a search and wasn't able to turn up anything directly related. Anyway! My 180 has a bad srubbing issue when drifting. It has some after market knuckles (gktech i think) and coil overs. Before the last event i painted the areas inside the wheel arch where i suspected the scrubbing was occuring - so now know exactly where its hitting. I'm not that keen on cutting out wheel wells, so am looking for other options to resolve this issue. I've had suggestions offered such as spacers/more offset wheela, extended/adjustable lower control arms etc
  6. This first time poster (and self proclaimed noob!) has been searching high and low for the best way to wire up some electric fans in a 180sx. With wiring and electrical troubleshooting being somewhat of a short fall in my arsenal of technical skills, I'm relying heavily on instructions and build threads for direction and advice on how to convert my SR20 180sx to an electric fan setup from the standard clutch fan. There are two main reasons for wanting to do this. 1) High temps at the track. Even with only basic mods, the car will frequently venture north of 90C at a drift practice night. Twi
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