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  1. I have an aftermarket sensor but it matches the standard gauge in the dash - normally it sits dead in the middle and it's only getting to about a quarter of the way up. I was wondering if potentially I did something wrong on install, but I was extremely careful with the silicone, and I don't think it's jamming anything up. I tested the old stock one in a pot and slowly raised temp, and it opened just fine a bit below 80 degrees. Should've checked the new one, still can't get why it would be open at such low temps though.
  2. Hey guys, I've had a crack at the search function, maybe I'm too dumb but I've got an issue I can't seem to figure out myself. My S15 would previously have cooling challenges on long hills, hot ambient temps etc, with temps sometimes getting up near the 100 deg C mark. Usually between 85 & 93 on long highway drives though. As such, I decided to put in a bigass radiator, replace the water pump and install a new thermostat. I got a Tridon TT2028-170, wanting to keep the opening temp the same, but higher flow above 80 degrees. With this opening temp (76.5 degrees), and a bigger radiator
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