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  1. Update: Well I found the problem, it became pretty obvious when I kept getting a sound which sounded like an exhaust leak which got louder. It eventually led to the gate flange snapping off the manifold and a vacuum line holding on the gate and screamer as I drove along haha. On taking off the manifold I've seen someone has had a stab at repairing it with a mig and done a crap job to say the least. Well at least I know what was causing the boost issue, now the hunt for a 6boost mani begins! Cheers for your helps guys!
  2. That makes sense, well I bought the car recently with the mods done to it, my best guess is the previous owner blew the budget on the engine build and had to settle for the crappy manifold haha. Haven't heard much from the NZ made ones, what ones are decent? I'm going to give GCG a call on monday, in the meantime I might pull the gate apart and change up the spring to see whats going on. Supposedly these 38mm gates are okay on this size turbo (will call GCG to get their thoughts) so I'm inclined to think the gates gone bad. I'll let you know what I find, cheers again for the help.
  3. Cheers for the reply, Current low boost tune is with the duty cycle on the Eboost set to 0, so I assume thats gate pressure? But prior to that the boost controller wasn't connected, just a vacuum line from turbo to gate and the boost curve was similar from memory. Yeah, I haven't checked but I think the spring inside is 12 psi. I also thought the gate may be too small (tuner also suggested that), but then I see other cars running the same gate with larger turbos running fine so it has me confused. Manifold was already on car when I bought it, but from the looks of it, it may be the JJR SR20
  4. Hey guys, New here so I'll give you a quick run down of the car then I'll outline the issue. Car is an S15 Spec R with quite a few mods done. To name a few, it has a built bottom end (pistons, rods etc), BC 264 cams with upgraded springs/ retainers, a Precision 5858 high mount turbo on a china manifold, Turbosmart 38mm ultra gate and a Eboost street controlling the boost. Other than these it has all the usual supporting mods, 740cc injectors, nistune, Bosch 040, front mount and HPX AFM. Now to the problem: I recently got the injectors installed and the car tuned. It had a run in tune on was
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