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  1. SX2002

    What Turbo

    Thanks Daniel, I thought that might be the case but after reading a recent article, it said some of the very last delivered to Oz did have the BB turbo...
  2. Hi, a few pics of my S15, bought new in August 2002, Just clocked up 50,000ks. No idea why, all I can upload is a thumbnail..no actual pic...???
  3. SX2002

    What Turbo

    Hi Guys, my first post here. I live in Adelaide and bought my S15 200SX new in August 2002, (Australian Delivered) My question is, how can I tell just what turbo is fitted on my car..? Is it bush or ball bearing. I've read all the stories and blurb but no-one seems to have a definitive answer. I would have thought there was some way of telling on the cars plates build details, etc. Hopefully you can help me. I reckon my car is one of the last off the line. Nissan say they ceased production in June 2002 but my car has a build date of July 2002. Nissan Australia told me they sold 3818 here in Au
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