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  1. Thanks dude! It's an 1100mm long universal boot lip. Just has 3m tape on the bottom, super easy to fit and adds a nice touch too. Easy to find it on ebay, if you can't just message a seller who has one listed similar if they can do an 1100mm and they normally will.
  2. The interior of the car is still fairly simple. The GT model received some chrome touches to the trim such as the shifter surround and the door handles and a pair of Leather seats that are fracking terrible. They look good, but they remind me of the janky leather seats Nissan also put into the 350z's. Genuinely one of the most uncomfy seats i've had the pleasure of enjoying. Interior goodies; - Junk GT Leather Seats - JDM Converted Steering Wheel (Nicer steering wheel centre featuring the S15 'S' - Genuine Defi Gauges (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure and Boost Pressure) + Defi Controller Unit - Apexi
  3. Hey guys, Good mate of mine has used this forum for years and i always love having a flick through people's build threads to see how far their car's have come. Anyway, i picked the Silvia up in July 2018, relatively bone stock exterior besides a set of terrible Rota G-Force wheels. it did however, come with some goodies already bolted on that made a great foundation for a neat street car. I'm not nor ever will be a massive power guy, so the response and drive ability the car displayed made for a great driving experience. Some of the mods listed came with the car, others i've installed myself.
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