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  1. It does look like a radical... But it doesn't match any of the cars currently on their website...
  2. Shaking steering has plauged many of my S13s... figures I'd find out what the issue was after I got out of owning one. That blue car in the collie pits photo... got anymore info?
  3. As a note of interest, my Volk Racing GTCs are 17 x 9" ( around 20mm offset ) and come in staggered dish ( with the same offset front and rear ) to accommodate front "big brakes" ( as Rays call it ). EDIT they refer to wheels in Face 1 Flat Centre, and Face 2 Concave Centre ( which I think refers to the back face of the wheel spokes )
  4. Tomei is the same design, not my business but I would think that HFM have taken some inspiration from the Tomei design.
  5. I've never seen a micrometer measure to 1/1000 ( 0.001 ) of a mm ( which is silly given the name of the tool ). Plastigauge is indeed a legit method. I'm not sure how you would measure microns accurately ( which is exactly what you want ). EDIT apparently a micrometer was originally designed to measure in 1/1000s of an inch! EDIT EDIT they do make micrometers with a "vernier" scale to measure to 1/1000 of a mm ( 0.001mm )!!!
  6. I find your lack of suspension disturbing
  7. Looks like he just resurrected an old trailer Iz. So much easier than building from scratch. Not low enough for my liking haha
  8. I'm going to have to do something like this when I stop being all responsible
  9. To suit adaptor plates, the gearbox bell housing requires machining to retain the factory clutch position. You should be able to find all the information you need on the kit manufacturer's website
  10. Second hand S13 5 speeds aren't expensive. I think I paid $250 for the last one I picked up. However, not many of them are going to be much better than your existing one. Also, I would be aware of people selling S13 gearboxes as S14 gearboxes, the only difference I know of is strictly internal in nature.
  11. You can buy engine and gearbox mount kits and all of that sort of thing. You can also buy a complete engine conversion engine wiring harness!
  12. Drive it! There are too many of our cars sitting around doing nothing, going nowhere fast. ( YES THIS INCLUDES ME, AND MY NUMEROUS NISSANS ) Why do you feel the need to do more with it?
  13. She has Goodyear MTRs fitted from the factory, they're not huge at 235/85R16, but they are a start. I'm not going to go TOO BIG as I want to be able to fit them under the factory flares. I think 255/85/R16 is about as big as I'd go and that's around 32/33 inches. Yeah... Makes me cringe too! She got a good pressure clean while up on ramps to get all the mud out! Also got her first soap and sponge wash on Friday! I had to use a ladder to wash the roof!
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