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  1. I've got the Apexi return flow kit. I think it's a pretty good setup, good core, no cutting at all.
  2. Thanks man. If i wasn't motivated to move it and have knowledgable friends who have built their own rb26s and the like, I would've spent millions and it would not be near where it is now.
  3. So pulled the motor few months ago, found out it has done a ring landing and yeah. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h162/rexhunta/IMG_2173_zpsfmxuw4dq.jpg Catch can did it's job. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h162/rexhunta/10665192_10153286290685917_8180343714881441832_n_zpsrvvxlqoi.jpg Block wasn't too bad, so looked through all my parts, and found enough to build a complete runner. Picked up some bearings as that was just something I wanted to replace. Yesterday arvo at 6 started as this. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h162/rexhunta/IMG_2174_zpsfncbkfx6.jpg Hone and
  4. Thing is we didn't hear any detonation at all, only sign was the smoke coming from the catch can side of the car. The metal head gasket in it didn't even have any temp marks like the last time either. Thinking maybe the injector either played up, or i'm just not sure, as every run we watched it just had black smoke as usual.
  5. So after a year and a bit we took it out to do some Autocross in Collie on friday night under lights, which was fracking awesome. After swapping the front coilovers out and putting the subframe bushes in, the car handled better then expected, and I actually could drive like I used to and be able to catch and maintain slides. After about 18 laps and 3 drivers continously swapping ( only 2 cars running ), the poor old SR started having problems. It dropped revs a few times, then had to be push started others, but we kept at it, until I swapped with another driver, and he got about 1/2 way thr
  6. DE and has a usb plug on it ? Kind of sounds like it's been chipped like a Nistune. Like yeah like like like.
  7. I have the kyoto bottom rail, it's sheet
  8. Thought I'd do a bit of an update. After a while I just daily'd it, did nothing else. And then one day a few months ago, the box started to do some strange things. So just ignored it, up until about a 6 weeks ago, when it started popping out of gears. Was on my way to work on a wintery Friday morning, got down to the end of my street, heard a clunk, thought nothing of it. Got down to nearest roundabout, huge clunk and lots of metal soundings. So thought frack it, turned round, I'll go home get the Suzi and drive to work. Just as I was doing a u-turn, put it in first, popped out, 2nd p
  9. Veem do them piece of piss. Seen a heap come from there. http://www.veem247.com/driveshaft/
  10. http://lolsnaps.com/upload_pic/Animatedheavybreathingcat-45493.gif
  11. Nothing wrong with the non-bb t28, still work just as well, and cheaper to repair if they frack up.
  12. Thanks. While the house is getting built I'll start doing the wiring. And then the middle section there is ready for a hoist too, which is a later on investment. Got the slab thickened 150 with double layer mesh in front of the door to about 7m back, so i can put it anywhere in that place really.
  13. http://i64.photobucket.com/albums/h162/rexhunta/IMG_1225_zps3e15c9ef.jpg Goodnight sweet prince. You can stay in your new home and chill for a while.
  14. As far as i know I do, I've got a dr drift one that has no limiters on it.
  15. Pete


    Bit of a bump as there's some good info in here, my questions are ; 1) Luke who cuts your hair? you are always so good looking. 2) If I don't know what s15 these injectors are, should I put the FPR off the rail onto my S13 one in case I got daft punk'd and it's the JDM type ? Thanks. Pete.
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