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  1. yeah genie is the best place i dealt with, david there has always fixed everything ive thrown at him.
  2. XXXS13

    Size And Offset

    So for an S13 with stock gaurds and no rubbing should stick to 17x8 on front an 17x9 on the rear ?? Would a +24offset on front and 17x9 +37offset on the rear be suitable ?? What spacers would suit ?
  3. XXXS13

    Which Clutch ?

    yeah i want the clutch to handel 300rwhp, an be as comfortable an smooth as possible. The 9puck brass button i have used so far have been farely heavy but that doesnt annoy me more than the shuttering. RG clutch is sounding like the go here but like tristan said can they be used for the odd track stuff aswell ??
  4. Hey crew I had a clutch from autoclutch 9 puck brass button 2500lbs pressure plate its shat it self completely after 30,000kms with next to know abuse never felt right never disenguaged properly etc Got another felt great to begin with but now feels like sheet spongy pedal lots of shuttering in reverse etc (crums you might be able to comment ) Wondering what might be a good clutch that will handle 300rwhp an feel bit more comfortable to drive with ??? No autoclutch please thanks
  5. XXXS13


    yeah thats the assumption the website gave me. For a De+T set up i would be looking at NA versons of the cams would that be correct ????
  6. XXXS13


    is there a reason people dont go for Tomei PRO Cams apart from needing valve springs ?? Are they too aggressive for street over the Pon Cams ?
  7. Micro Tech Ltx 8 (no afm) an GT28r dyno graph Going by how it went today its seems safe enough to put a little more boost through maybe little more timing. The motor has lasted 30,000kms now with 10psi an 10:1 comp Big ups to mick at ovaboost performance absolute great tune car runs with no probs an just over 200 bucks for tuning
  8. Running 11degrees BTDC timing atm but thats with the S15 Na motor wich has 10:1 compression no pinging either just put the De + T back on the dyno at ovaboost today . went from 186rwhp @10psi (old tuner) ----> [email protected] with mick, there were no other mod changes just show what a better tuner can do an all in hour an half.
  9. Have you or you you know if the aircon has been put back in or had electrical problems ??? Air con idle control solenoid sounds like it aint hooked up or not working same as mine atm, have to have the car idleing at around 1200rpm because when you turn on the air con the revs drop back to 750rpm any lower an the cars starts too stall. sounds the exact same as my proble in regards to your air con prob
  10. XXXS13

    My Boost

    a De + T owner jus had his car tuned with hyperdrive with a emanage an pulled 260rwhp at 15psi no problems. Its all in the tune i guess theres a few DE + T owners going round running 15psi daily with out dramas.
  11. Thanks matey, installed new sunroof motor an put back together in 15 mins lovin it.
  12. Hey crew Sunroof motor i believe has just shat itself, i have a spare one sitting here now. How hard is an is there any comlications to ripping the roof off ??? thanks
  13. two different things. Having it rewired with applied instruments should be spot on Just having a tacho booster maybe out, mine is by a few hundred revs
  14. Applied Instrument CoU1/ 9 Corbusier Pl Balcatta 6021 (08) 9240 6999.... They can sort ya wiring sheet out they done it for a few people here, alternativly a tacho booster is useable but maybe slightly out so ive been told.
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