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  1. Photos from the day: https://www.facebook.com/pg/ajfilmandphotography/photos/?tab=album&album_id=2659826917413622&__xts__%5B0%5D=68.ARDa1QfTAHM8PjY5Ge2H7Mca8lZ1kbao92Byjme9bm9CDFtFoGDgzMHDLf7y4oa-l8XVHBiHSGjzaGfaBwUDrVDYqR9D1QUfNfjrgEH5kbH2-6H6U-iq4ijUWHwCLbu7oTZ6mhvFByzIcjUvWlFj-mh1gbbGqOKGLQI9L2dsojTT5kJT1Kqhqnbm2ID4j-pM6OSBeh2euhHazsAx-JHJJ-4iQDqFBIAp7ml_9ZxVhBEhBbmGORNVr951KNxWx3yYpR9NUuWQA9RyVJ_0ZbVWVm4d2-8OaR49bxNaEMGTdhDyhZjKKhAeL5whQexbGYFaaI9dpKI5-nwX5qxzHFmdraGC3KIWRmK3y0paOPiVJWaYXaYwpqvIBLwTrc0LCOJxhkWqdqrzOStNhzikkl0rn5z0djhdVIGWWSI5B808EOT2mit_BaOFA4OOH-qisBl9O15ZIrivZwXw
  2. The second CRUISE WEST event for 2019 is just around the corner! Sunday, 13th October 2019 @ Barbagallo Raceway! ------------------------------------------- OPEN TO ALL MAKES AND MODELS! Do you love cars of all types and enjoy cruising with friends and family? - we want to see you there. Don't miss an opportunity to take family & friends around the Barbagallo Raceway! With hours of cruising, show n' shine exhibition plus food - make the most of the weekend & head out to Barbagallo Raceway on Sunday 13th October! Gates open from 8:00am First cruise session at 9:00am $10 Gate
  3. Spectators are free and so is camping friday/saturday night. The spit and salad and stuff is $10 per person and you buy your own alcamahol we cant sell any haha. Only the Instructors are insured to have passengers so you can whore with Borneo if he wants to take you out for some runs.
  4. Sorry I didnt read this before yesterday, if you didnt drop it of you can drop it off on the day at Collie if you want. Also to those that havn't paid, you spaces are now void and will be passed on to people on the backup list, so please contact Chuck-e immediatly on 0437889379 if you dont want to lose your spot. Everyone whos not in the school feel free to join us as spectators on the day and camp Saturday night, we are having a Spit/BBQ and salads which is $10 per person, then on the Sunday morning we will be have a cruise back to Perth. Furious Imports have let me know they will be f
  5. There will be a free Scrutineering session at Speedworks this Sunday for all people in the school. Its a good idea to take it up so you have time to fix anything before driving all the way to Collie to find out you cant go on the track for whatever reason!
  6. Thanks! I hate to push everyone but we have such a long list of people wanting in that its unfair on them if someone doesnt turn up or whatever. Thanks to everyone who has shown interest aswell, its going to be a great day and the afterparty will be even better!
  7. Ok the payment deadline has been met so I would like to let everyone know that they need to get there payment to us asap or there spot will be voided to people on the backup list (and lets just say the backup list is almost 3-4 times longer than the list of people going!!!) Please PM me for bank details if you want to send it straight through I'm going to give everyone a couple m ore days before I remove them from the list! Thanks guys!
  8. You contact 86wannabe on westdrift.com in the link I provided, if you dont want to signup to the forum then just email him at [email protected] and he will tell you! easy as! If you have any more problems then just PM me and I can sort it out for you.
  9. You can either sign up (the topic I linked to has all the details of what you will need and stuff like that) and PM 86wannabe (Chucke) or email him at [email protected] as he is the one taking the registrar of who is going.
  10. The day is split into 2 halfs, the first with an instructor the second an all out drift practice so if for some reason your not keen on having an instructor you can still go out by yourself and enjoy the Collie racetrack! for more info please checkout the official post at: http://www.westdrift.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=740
  11. i think I paid like $93 at Live clothing. didnt pay to much attention because its pendulum tickets and its worth it
  12. Im defeniatly in, what better way to bring in the new year? Organized a party bus to for those NOR people who dont feel like training or taxing all the way to upper swan (details in other thread)
  13. Hey guys just wanted to let anyone who lives NOR near kinross know we have organized a party bus to get to the Belvoir ampitheatre for New years eve to see Pendulum. The bus can hold around 50-55 people and anyone is wlecome to join us to make the trip a bit easier haha. It's $10 per person and the bus will be taking us to the event. I dont know what time the event finsihes but the driver has said he might be able to pick us up aswell if enough people want to at the end of the night/morning. We'll be leaving from Kinross (although the exact place may change but will be around this are
  14. how about 180sx with s14 a front end, there is a white one in japan and he uses motorcycle lights instead of the stock healdights. hottest 180 ever!
  15. http://www.westdrift.com/images/febbattle.jpg pictures not coming up here so just copy/paste into your browser.
  16. haha my bad, I didn't notice that... Its being rebuilt from the gound up, hoping its ready for the championship round.
  17. I've posted it soemwhere else on this forum but heres an actual scan of the calender http://www.westdrift.com/index.php?subacti...rt_from=&ucat=& It also includes things like hillclimbs and stuff aswell.
  18. If you want to drift just go to the drift night. I can advertise it on the wd site if you want, I'm sure theres a few guys that want to test there cars out instead of drifting.
  19. all the dates for the Drift pracitces and drift battles (also hill climbs and things) can be found at http://www.westdrift.com/index.php?subacti...rt_from=&ucat=& The schedule is an official one from Barbagallo raceway that has been scanned. As for all the people shouting sheet most of them were homie wannabes from what I could see. But then they are the ones who don't have the car, money and skills to go and try so of course there going to make themselves feel better by shouting crap. There was alot of good drifting, most of the guys who have been going are really improvi
  20. Don't worry about getting them registered until you get yellowed... trust me, permits dont mean sheet. They yellowed my vert when I showed them the permits they just said "Oh I dont agree with those you probably changed something". Don't bother with that stuff until you need to.
  21. I got a set of teins for my fc with a strut brace and slotted rotors for $500 from Ben at KYP - 9470 3828 They are second hand but good condition. As for cheaper NEW coilovers i dont think you will find them cheaper than $1200.
  22. Harnesses are illegal not because of the fact they aren't stock, but mainly its a safety hazard. If you crash and are severly hurt, rescue agencies will cut the stock belt with one cut, but with a harness it takes alot longer and when your in a critical state every second counts. As for bucket seats you can get a pair of OBX daytonas on modyourcar.com for $450 and if need be sell one of as they are multifit. I have these seats and they are the tightest holding seats ever, and after a day or so drivign around it moulded to my shape and is compfy as. As for the stock seats I'd suggest a r
  23. SircatmaN


    As said above I can completely agree no one will touch you engine. My friend used to have a 300zxtt and its to much of a hassle.
  24. How much do you have to spend? You would be best to buy a set of Adjustable coilovers. You can raise/lower them whenever you want meaning if you get yellow sticker for being to low you don't need to keep swaping suspension. Just jack it up and give it a few twists with the c spanner and your off. You can also adjust the damper to stiffn the ride which makes a big differance. Pedders are actually selling coilovers new for an S13 now but I'm not sure what price. Prices are usually around $1000+ though. I've also heard good things about the $1200 coilovers on modyourcar.com . If thats out
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