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  1. check ya oil blah blah blah, hardly think your motor is "seized".
  2. Ahhh! cheers Dim...
  3. Just to clarify.. you HAVE an s13/180sx and you want to put a s14a front onto it? Or you have a s14 and want to put a s14a front onto it? Or you have a lancer and you want to put a s14a front onto it?
  4. HICAS on a S14 in Aust?? Is this a personal imported s14?
  5. Check that your hand brake is off.
  6. Maybe people dont know dude, so prob not best to flame everyone coz you got no reply. Tryed google.com?
  7. Less fuel doesnt mean less money.. Its still tuning and to tune, it takes time and time is money..
  8. Ive seen 480 at the wheels from a 2L with all the fruit inside, Std block.
  9. It depends how well you treat your car dude, how often you service it and so forth. it can last a long time if taken care of, but if abused its just gonna fail on you... quite simple really. Its also how much pressure you put on the motor obviously the motors are going through alot of stress producing that sort of power, so it comes back to how much sheet you give it to how much stress you put back on it. Angry13 & RoiBoi drive there cars everyday (almost) yes they give it sheet now and then, but the cars are that well looked after nothing mechanicly in the motor fails. hehehe.. well its
  10. Ive seen it up close.. Deffo not my cuppa tea, but everyone has their own opinion i guess.. IF you want s15 rear lights, go save up and get a s15, but seems to hard for people to understand that these days.
  11. Oh NO! Not another Dyno topic... Happy christmas and merry new year
  12. Joel, someone has mine copy.. I think grandpa has it along with my nismo cataloge.
  13. Josh - SilviaWa


    No it cant, you have to get r33gts caliper to suit r33 gts disc's and the same with the rest - s15 with s15 ectect If you put r33 calipers with s15 discs, the area where the pad bites into would not be on the whole of the disc. you'll find 3/4 of the pad would be on the disc.. if you get what i mean Same goes with all other calipers/discs.
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