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  1. To get it registered i would invest the time and effort into making the car compleatly stock. this would include putting in all the rear interior and seats. if you have the car registered as a 2 seater (yes this is a thing) then you wont need the rear seats. if you cant be botherd making it stock, make sure you have modification permits for the things you dont want to change, be it front mount pod filter etc etc.... if you actually in mandurah, go see Brendan from SMG and see if he will loan you the bits you need for stock/pits. Or even just buy the bits from him, whatever floats your
  2. depends on your ECU, i use nistune and just run their HPX n1 sensors. i think the 3 inch pipe they can do around 800 hp and 4inch pipe is like twenty one million HP. when i looked into it the r35 gtr sensors were a little hard to find, i dont know if thats changed, i dont use mine in a blow through, not really a fan of it, but they are suitable for the job.
  3. gawd dam, frack SR's hey!
  4. yeah had no trouble getting mine + bung of nistune directly.
  5. That manifold has the gate right in the merge point, so in theory it would be sufficient. when the gate pipe reverse flow of exhaust is when it would be a problem. sounds like your have a pretty decent build and some quality part's tho, why did you settle for china exhaust mani? there is some fairly decent NZ made ones going around pretty cheap. personally id take the springs out of the gate and just inspect the diaphragm, then put the gate back on with a spring around 7psi (or whatever you have). take it for a run and see if it still overboosts in the higher rev range. if it does your
  6. low boost was done on gate pressure only? no interference from EBC? whats springs did you have in it, the 12psi? after 6k rpm the boost starts increasing - this to me would suggest that your gate not large enough to let out enough gas to slow the turbo down? - whats the design of the manifold? if the gate pipes not mounted correctly, gate could be missing the exhaust gas all together.
  7. Stock t25 i wouldn't push to 14. But a t28 should do 16 or so before its just blowing hot air. a friend made 268 rwhp with a t28 / e85 and 15psi. In theory the stock afm should be able to handle more power than 200hp.should do more or less 280 or so hp. if your only going basic mods dont fall int the z32 trap, they are still an older element type AFM and still for reasons unknown have a heafty premium. if your shooting low, got for a s2 rb25 afm - there cheap as frack, have the 3inch bellmouth you want for flow and can still get the HP your aiming for. if you want something better look at
  8. You can "leave" it at my house
  9. if the fuel filter was restricting flow, he would be able to note than on the pressure guadge of the turbosmart FPR - assuming the guadge is connected. It would be worth double checking its still mainting base pressure. while running anyway. if its been running to rich you might get an indication when you remove the plugs, but as allways maintenance items like replacing the plugs are allways good to do. alternators easy to test...im sure you can work that out with any multimeter the haltech, if you have the software should tell you some important things.....like if the cas signal is not
  10. Was going to go buy a new clutch for the SR sheetter, then came home with something different. http://i.imgur.com/6Z1GZET.jpg i live for Nissan related punishments. (4 Nissan's, one toyota and a BA Falcon...hahaha) http://i.imgur.com/10MOUCU.jpg
  11. Took the old girl drag racing last week, forgot i had hammerd the clutch at drift and she was not holding, the best i managed was a 12.6 with a bad 60 foot, but had to go easy otherwise the clutch would slip on power. so now need to change clutch yay
  12. roof lining was saggy, guy on GT does exchange reconed roofs...so got that sorted. Apart from that everything in order. It to basic to have that much trim to fall out
  13. Righto! Nav was giving me the sheets, so bought a BA falcon ute, so far best money ive spent. Tows fracken great and heaps of room for stuff and sheet. Went to Matsuri weekend just gone and had a blast. Surprise Surprise, before lunchtime on the first day I was replacing a rocker arm....got this sheet down tho and took less than a hour, with heaps of stops to chat to randoms. offer the broken rocker arm up to the Collie gods. Apart from that, the sheetter ran great...it seems to devolp a hunger for coolant - but thats something im keen to ignore inset random drift pictures
  14. Honestly if your going for straight line speed and quarters, go get a 2jz or rb25 conversion sorted. The s13 gearbox is sheet for higher HP applications, well, reliability goes out the window. PPG sell straight cut gearboxes for sr 20's and even they say after 350hp you should change to a z32. Changing to a z32 box you need to spend bulk cash on adaptors, tail-shafts and all this other crap Once you have done all that, you would have done the same amount of work to put in a bigger donk.
  15. Cut out the inner metal sleeve, with the recip saw. The rubber will burn once you get it going, i just used brake cleaner to start it, but the Blow torch will be your best friend here. the rubber will need to be removed as it burns , or it puts itself out. so you use a screw driver you don't like to tap all the burnet rubber out of the fire. Use a wire brush and brush down one side of the bush so you can see the metal sleeve easily. You then need to cut down it, while being careful to not cut into the subframe. I used the elec recip saw like a boss, but some people prefer to do this by
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