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    seeking a clean 180sx
  1. any new pics of this car? curious to see it
  2. what kind of battery is it? I would expect more than 12v. try jump starting it with a few sets of jumper leads and another battery.
  3. Those pics don't seem to load for me...?
  4. By the way what's a vqdet from?
  5. been thinking about it.. heh is it awesome in a s13?
  6. Sorry about your bad run dude.. Looks great though nice one
  7. Heh first offroad180 pic for me
  8. Nice 180 mate! Cool to see the build etc
  9. Wow looks like a nice tidy manual job - what was the price?
  10. nice one. did you find it on gumtree or somewhere else?
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for an engine importer for a 1.6l daihatsu engine.. hoping to get a low kms jap engine fairly cheaply.. stock standard engine ok.. does anyone know of any importers in Perth? cheers
  12. also keep in mind pal + panther near the rosemount hotel. I bought my motorbike helmet there which i use for motorsport, they have a good range at good prices and are friendly.
  13. .. Thanks to all the people here with constructive feedback (as opposed to simply flaming me and calling me an idiot) I've been down to check out some of the max-action events, some at wanneroo and even competed in an max-action event.. I'm really glad that people are putting on drift-pactice days too.. its a bit unfortunate that all events seem to cost at least $50 per session, plus cams licence (~$40) and club membership costs ($50 - $200) because its hard to convince my friends to fork over the cash, but it doesnt seem like there is much we can do about that unfortunately. I guess
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