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  1. any new pics of this car? curious to see it
  2. what kind of battery is it? I would expect more than 12v. try jump starting it with a few sets of jumper leads and another battery.
  3. Those pics don't seem to load for me...?
  4. By the way what's a vqdet from?
  5. been thinking about it.. heh is it awesome in a s13?
  6. Sorry about your bad run dude.. Looks great though nice one
  7. Heh first offroad180 pic for me
  8. Nice 180 mate! Cool to see the build etc
  9. Wow looks like a nice tidy manual job - what was the price?
  10. nice one. did you find it on gumtree or somewhere else?
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for an engine importer for a 1.6l daihatsu engine.. hoping to get a low kms jap engine fairly cheaply.. stock standard engine ok.. does anyone know of any importers in Perth? cheers
  12. also keep in mind pal + panther near the rosemount hotel. I bought my motorbike helmet there which i use for motorsport, they have a good range at good prices and are friendly.
  13. .. Thanks to all the people here with constructive feedback (as opposed to simply flaming me and calling me an idiot) I've been down to check out some of the max-action events, some at wanneroo and even competed in an max-action event.. I'm really glad that people are putting on drift-pactice days too.. its a bit unfortunate that all events seem to cost at least $50 per session, plus cams licence (~$40) and club membership costs ($50 - $200) because its hard to convince my friends to fork over the cash, but it doesnt seem like there is much we can do about that unfortunately. I guess
  14. Big respect to all of the new people trying out drifting on the track.. I liked the effort made by the guys with the gemini, commodore, ae70(?) corolla and the sprinters.. By the way what kind of engines were in those sprinters? they were pretty impressive. oh and what was the wine that came from the yellow cefrio? gearbox or diff?
  15. In regards to costs: Last time I called wanneroo raceway they said you can buy a membership till the end of the year for $110 which gives you one free test+tune day (worth$40) but then you have to buy another membership at the end of the year ($215?) which lasts for a whole year.. I was also under the impression that in order to get the L2S licence you need to compete in a number of events with the L2NS licence first (but I could be wrong) So how many drift practice days are there going to be this year? Anyone? For the more experienced drifters.... I'm considering coming along for
  16. *lol* Initial - D Tax - I like it! An anime cartoon came out from japan called 'Initial-D' featuring the ae86 sprinter which in the series drifted really well.. ever since that movie/series came out these cars have become 'sought after' by anime/drift fans.. so much so that you would think they would be better to drift than a s13! and this has driven the price of these cars up to crazy new levels, they should never be worth what I have seen them going for.. in australia they came out with a crappy engine, no where near as good as the jap spec ones depicted in the cartoon, but people that wa
  17. Hey guys, Just wondering if someone could give me a bit of advice in regards to drifting .. I have an old 77 rwd lancer coupe and am looking at setting it up for drift eventually. Firstly has anyone ever rolled tyres off rims by drifting? I've got 13" rims on at the moment and will probably stick to either 13" or 14" rims to keep tyre costs down, just wondering if anyone has actually drifted with 13" tyres and if they tend to roll off the rims when pushed too hard or not.. most of the guys at the drift night on friday looked like they were running pretty expensive low profile tyres -
  18. No basically when you are a member, you get one free test and tune day a year, then you pay $40 per test and tune day and whatever the entry fee is for the comps.. there is a test and tune day a few times a month membership costs $100 till the end of the year, next year is like ~$250 or something for the year.. not cheap for the average joe at the end of the day.
  19. Okay so my car is not a silvia, but it is still a small japanese rear wheel drive coupe so i hope you guys dont mind me asking this here.. (I love s13s btw) I was out the other day doing some laps a limestone quarry in my car and I noticed on the way back that the oil pressure gague is suddenly showing nothing.. I checked the oil level and it seemed fine so whats the best way to figure out what is going on with my car - if its the oil pump or just the guage? it seemed to run okay on the way home btw.. I was thinking perhaps ive knocked a wire out or somthing, im not sure the car is a
  20. ...doh.. because when I was learning to get my motorbike licence I practiced in the car-park there.. I guess the main thing I wanted to do was to get some practice for quick turns, braking accellerating etc in my car without worrying about traffic.. and without worrying about having to compete in a comp. Its a shame you cant seem to have a quick practice anywhere without having to compete thats all..
  21. Hey guys, I saw in one of the other posts someone mentioned hillarys carpark.. so I was wondering, lets say i decided to go down there with some witches hats and setup a little practice track in an area of the carpark that wasnt being used.. what kind of legalities would be involved...? I'm assuming I may eventually get a security man come out and tell me to go home - fair enough, but till then because its private property is there anyway the cops can bust me? or anyone else for that matter? Perhaps a few of the guys from here would be keen for some time trials down at hillarys...?
  22. Hey people, just wondering if any of you knew about any drift days or track days coming up in perth.. had a quick look through the events here and they all seem to be cruises.. im keen to get some drift practice or racing practice in... Alot of the people here seem to have cars with huge drift potential, so where do all you guys drift anyway? I've heard about the max-action events and am considering checking that out, but would prefer bigger faster circuit type racing or drift racing.. if anyone could offer helpful advice that would be great. Cheers Paul
  23. Thanks dude, yeah im really looking for actual figures, perhaps some examples of what other people have paid for their cars.. im really trying to stretch my budget at the moment and will have to get a small loan.. do you guys think its reasonable to get a NA sr20 manual for 6-7? any other ideas for cheap driftable cars are appreciated too - r31 skyline perhaps? i would go an ae86 but they usually seem overpriced... Cheers paul P.S. perhaps I should be looking for a ca18 instead? how reliable are these engines compared to the sr20? I've heard the sr20 is pretty bulletproof but a
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