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  1. There's a loom that goes from that fusebox that isn't getting power. Follow that and see where the wires go and see if any have been damaged
  2. That doesn't make sense...if a fuse is blown, then it aint gonna get power on one side, and it'll show 0 on one side and 12 on the other... Or if the fuse is fine, it'll be getting power across both legs and show 12v on both ?
  3. Relay is in that fusebox that is not getting power IIRC time to play trace the wires and find out where the break is.
  4. Indeed. Supacheep have a cheep cheep one
  5. IIRC the headlights don't turn on unless the headlights are in the up position. If you know how to check the relays, check that they still work.
  6. Got links to the ratios ? I still have my old Steering rack so I may put the rack back in then.
  7. I ended up getting a non-hicas steering rack and pump reservoir. There's a whole bunch of un-needed lines and the HICAS pump that you can rip out once you swap to non-hicas steering rack, or if you block off the lines that come from PS pump I think it was.
  8. Bingo ! Time for a new O2 sensor then ? lol
  9. Checked all the idle control stuff ? If that isn't opening/closing right it can cause issues ?
  10. Maybe o2 sensor plug is buggered ? that's about the only other thing i Can think of....
  11. Any particular vacuum fitting for the intake mani? Probably won't tee off the FPR -> Mani line haha. There should Already be a vac line for the wastegate somewhere. Otherwise just any of the vac lines that come off the intake mani.
  12. 5 Psi spring means that at 5 psi the wastegate will be open. If You connect wastegate straight to intake mani then as boost builds the wastegate will creep open which Means that the boost will come on smoothly and wont spike much if at all.
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