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  1. Car still at PZP. Suspected ECU issues. Anyone got a stock CA18DET ECU they can lend out in order to confirm diagnosis? Carton / bottle can be arranged.
  2. Thanks for the commentary people. Internals are stock, compression is 147 even. Haven't checked cam timing. Have infact since taken it to PZP since car is now overboosting beyond 19 PSI. Got a bit of a weird call saying they put it on the dyno only to find they couldn't actually tune it because it was missing the part of the nistune they plug into. Ie daughterboard present but no USB connection? Yeah. So they've ordered the part and its booked in for next week. Will update. My experience with Hyperdrive was fine, and taking it eslewhere is not a complaint. Basically all Andrew charged
  3. So took car to exhaust shop, cat was blocked and resonator had collapsed. So replaced resonator and had high flow cat put in. Exhaust is 3" from turbo back. Went back to Hyperdrive and now Andrew wasn't able to stop the car boosting to 19 PSI, so 19 it is I guess. Plateau is gone and turbo spooling a bit earlier. Andrew doesn't like Nistune for CAs and is recommending PowerFC, but I'm while I'm not blown away I'm also not unhappy with ~250, so might be I give engine mods a rest for now. http://i60.tinypic.com/2lc8wfa.jpg
  4. Heya boof, yeah no doubt something going on, unsure how to proceed at the moment. Got any of your CA graphs for comparison?
  5. Got my CA18DET tuned at Hyperdrive the other day, thought the final number was a little disappointing, not that I'm on a HP quest by any stretch. Relevant mods on the car include: Garrett "Disco Potato" Sard 800cc injectors Z32 AFM Upgraded Fuel Pump (Bosch or Walboro, I forget) FMIC Cat-back Exhaust Nistune http://i62.tinypic.com/j73v49.jpg Andrew at Hyperdrive said the plateauing didn't seem quite right and thought the car might be struggling to breath, but we haven't discussed it in detail yet. If anyone has thoughts or advice they want to share go for it. Maybe this nu
  6. Stolen from redbull forums (click here for original post and more pictures) http://upmany.com/J8JM.jpg http://upmany.com/YCGm.jpg http://upmany.com/IEBm.jpg http://upmany.com/aBHc.jpg http://upmany.com/jzpM.jpg http://upmany.com/PP4N.jpg http://upmany.com/6QqT.jpg http://upmany.com/K5qw.jpg
  7. i think that looks great. obviously.
  8. I am completely unbiased when I say go for a onevia with a ca18 - I'm not even selling!
  9. you weren't onboard with the clear side indicators either at first
  10. http://reviews.turbometal.com/wp-content/uploads/turbometal-gs300-gs400-led-tail-lights-5.jpg clear tail lights next!
  11. black fair

    Da Z

  12. People should keep in mind that paying anything other than yearly rapes you hard. I detailed my just car insurance pages back, but off the top of my head its about $865 a year for 10.5K agreed value inc mods on my latest renewal. If I want to pay for only 6 months its $600 something.
  13. yeah I remember that crash. so fked up. I get mad every time I hear those stories coz the stupid fking driver never gets hurts. Its always the passengers that get fked up. anyway, best of luck to you.
  14. honda reserved a bunch of crx and crv plates.
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