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  1. James, you gotta come round check out my new place and show me your car!!
  2. Updated flyer... http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/9315/originfinalinternetvf7.jpg
  3. Also got said e-mail.... So i just bought my tickets *snapperhead* on! I mean GAME on.
  4. Very nice ride mate! Welcome!!
  5. lol, hope you guys (and girls) have a good night! Happy belated birthdays!
  6. Battery World in welshpool is where i got my oddysey
  7. Wow, your chassis, undercar and everything is cleaner than my interior lol top marks again
  8. Really nice car mate, welcome aboard!
  9. Wow,... looking great, prolly wont here the buzzing of the pump with all that dynamat! THIS IS FUEL PUMPAAA!
  10. Yoda

    Hey Guys

    fine point... tried a little less revs? i think i used about 2000 then let it out half way for a bit then the rest of the way been ages since i have tho. so dont quote me
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