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  1. Put a pair of jumper leads on. Sounds like your battery is flat again. Your alternator may not be charging, something may be being left on (like a boot light, or a common fault is the grommet for the brake light switch fails leaving brake lights on) or you just got a dud battery.
  2. WTF is a rocker cover shim? Do you mean the bucket shims in the actual head?
  3. Why a shop? That won't work. Mechs hate nothing more (and I speak personally, but for all of us) then some cnut that has thought "How hard can it be? Oh sheet it's hard lets take it to a pro" with some sheetty bag of bolts without any fracking info and crap everywhere and the expectation to do the job 100% and provide a warranty (even tho you won't do the things that need to be done to provide a warranty) and then bitch and moan when the problem isn't resolved because the HG wasn't the fcuking problem to start with. It's a general rant. But this is a job that needs to be started and finished
  4. Machine shop wouldn't be checking a block that is in a car at his house....
  5. It's not a job I'd suggest you tackle alone, even with a guide (I very much doubt you'll find a good one). You'd be a lot better off putting on a carton and BBQ for a couple of mechanic mates.
  6. Unfortunately that's the end of my ability to help... My profec fracked out and did the same and now I've just shoved a heap of springs into my gate and run gate pressure, which isn't as high as it use to be. I tried multiple things with mine and still couldn't get a result. I'm reluctant to buy another profec, but just cant find another well priced EBC that I feel comfortable with.
  7. Internal or external? Nevermind on the req'd info.... If external, I've busted my gate valve before and it did some weird sheet. Pressure would push the valve open at all kinds of areas that it shouldnt. Try taking the profec out of the question, run straight from intake to wastegate, see what kind of pressure it runs. If it's gate pressure, then your EBC is a problem, if not, then perhaps look at gate first. My profec fracked out and I've heard of it happening to others before. I can't remember if it went lower or higher, but it was the fault.
  8. Tuners dont do comp tests before tuning, so don't blame them for that. Now, it may be a cracked head (unlikely) or a blown headgasket. If it's the HG then it's an easy fix. Of course you need to find out where the low comp is and why. If it's one cylinder, then it's probly the problem with the head. If it's all 4 then its gonna be because your motor is tired. If that's not the case, then you can get away with a much easier, simpler job of a HG change out. Don't get me wrong, its no walk in the park and if the head needs work it can still cost you, but it's a better option.
  9. If your clutch is going, then wait until you get that done to put the nice oil in as the box has to be drained anyways. No shop is gonna save your oil to reuse.
  10. 5th Gear syncro if it's the only gear doing it (2nd is common too as it's the harshest shift usually so gets fracked up most). Check your clutch adjustment just in case, but I wouldn't think so. The redline box oil is said to overcome worn syncro's but it'll cost you around $100.....
  11. Drop the oil. If there are large chunks of metal, you're box is fracked. Have you tried getting it out while the engine is off? You may have fracked a selector, in which case, see line 1.
  12. Just get a second hand starter. All SR models are the same. Find one that some one will probly give you. Done.
  13. If the pedal is where it should be (in line with the clutch), but you have a lot of pedal travel before your brakes start working, you have a braking issue. I'd fix that.
  14. Bleeding will be easy. Just use a coke bottle with no bottom upside down. Should create a high point. Done and dusted. Or you could get one of those proper bleeding kits with the big yellow funnel, but coke bottles are cheaper and easier.
  15. Get something else. If you were over east, lots of options. In Perth, go something decent.
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