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  1. Probalby a bit late to reply... But this was insane...i won't be gonig out for some time cuz i just bought a house, but this was one event i was glad to go to as one of my last ones in awhile... Didn't see anyone there though...however i couldn't even find my mates half the time... If he comes back though...i'm there
  2. Hmmm tough question...so many to choose from. But i suppose the one car i've always wanted to own at some point in my life would be a 1964, 2 door, hard top Chevy Impala...candy apple red metal flake House of Colors paint, pearl white roof with pin stip design running around the edges, 100 spoke twisted Dayton gold rims, white walls, dropped on 10" all round Reds twim pump, 12 switch FBSS hyraulic suspension system...plus some other extras that are too numerous to list
  3. Was an awesome day...I was trashed by the time i got there...got even more trashed when i caught up with the Silvia WA peeps...well those i saw anyway...from that point on things just went hell intense...memory is a bit of a blank...Roger Sanchez played some sick beats, Chem Bro's was a bit disappointing...the rest must of been good cuz all i know is some of my mates said i was going off hahahahahaha Till next time!!!!
  4. Well Niggaz... I'm going to this now aswell...see you all there...
  5. LOL...yeah i thought i saw you too...just remember some Osama Bin Ladin look a like walked past me and i thought to myself "that looked like Shaun"...almost tapped you on the shoulder, but think there was a killa track playing and I got distracted in that D&B way hahahaha... Also bummed into Morgz too
  6. Sweet night...had a blast...shirt hasn't been that wet in ages (make that jeans aswell)...almost felt like a fully clothed pool party hahahaha LOL Kerry i almost forgot i said that until reading this...hahaha...your welcome though, had to make sure you were good. Nik when i wasn't being a total freak with everyone else (well i was the only freak i think hahaha) i was front row centre at the stage...living la vida loca Awesome night didn't get home until 5.30 this morning...ohh well off to work in a coulpe of hours with not much sleep... Till next time
  7. Looks like i'll be hopefully seeing some of you out this Sunday Haven't heard any bad news from my mate who called me to ask if i wanted tix... Can't wait :jump: :yay:
  8. Not really too sure if i'll get on here again before Christmas day, but despite my absence of late from the forums and cruises I just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas. Hope everyone gets what they want from Santa. Drive safe everyone and take care of yourselves over the next couple of days or more. Best Regards Carlos
  9. Where the Church is...was...i haven't been into Northbridge for awhile
  10. Cast your mind back about 12 years ago...... Its Saturday Night in North Bridge................ where are you thinking of heading tonight? 'HAVANA NIGHTCLUB' OF COURSE!!! We'd like to host a Havana Re-union and we want to know who would be interested in coming so we can get the organising underway. This could possibly happen in February 2008, and if you are definitely interested in coming to this event, to see all those old faces from the good old days, hear all the great music of the 90's and have a great time reminiscing, PLEASE RSVP to [email protected] Also, plea
  11. 2 more sleeps...including the one i'm just about to go on now... 1 more shift of work tonight...home...sleep for 6hrs...PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Me and about a half a dozen of my mates...give or take a couple i can't remember exactly who's going
  13. search for "fuel pump kill switch" on google and you'll have heaps of things come up to help you install one
  14. Do you know what i like about this post.... Nik was the first to reply
  15. Only reason i got one, has come in handy more times then i can remember ...and great to abuse stupid truck drivers too Get one Paddy...don't worry about what people are saying if you want one get it...so what it drops the roof by just over an inch or so...its only gonna matter if your tall like me and need that little bit more headroom...
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