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  1. 200SXY


    I don't have an issue with someone saying it is something like mine (and they remove the rego) - but no where on the ad does it say that, and also mine is not a rare JDM wing. I have had people who know me contacting me to find out if I am selling the part as it is also located in Perth. If someone buys it and is pissed that it isn't the same as mine or has a defect I have no desire to be associated with it.
  2. 200SXY


    Hi guys - if anyone notices an advert on ebay for a wing purporting to be off my car - DO NOT BUY IT! The advert is fraudulent. I and my car are NOT in any way affiliated with the eBay sale. Just in case you are looking here it is: S15 GT Wing My S15 GT wing is NOT for sale, and the one advertised IS NOT from my car. Also please note my car is ADM and the wing is NOT rare. If you choose to look at the wing the seller claims to have for sale, maybe let them know they have no idea!
  3. 200SXY


    Many many thanks to PH4NTOM for all her help on Friday night before Perth Auto Salon cleaning the interior of my car for me - remind me not to have so much dirt, potting mix, wood chips, dog fur, and general crap in the car and boot install before the next car show. Another five trophies picked up taking the individual tally to 17. Met some great new future SilviaWA members and some great familiar faces from many many years ago on here. Now, do I take up the invite to take her to Syndey Auto Salon Final Battle or not?!
  4. nah not true - you actually cop more crap if you are in the tent as people expect it to be filled with immaculate, million dollar, chromed V8 monsters. I've been entering for many years (since 2003) both in and out of the tent - and like Ant said above I haven't had any real issues, no more than you get any other day of the week. May have just been where you were located in the venue or perhaps people don't yet know you well enough in the car scene?? Just stick with it and make the most of the few shows we get. The cars looked good, you love your cars and that's all that counts at the e
  5. I copped pretty much no crap from any V8, V6 etc drivers - same as last time I entered (I did however cop BS from some Silvia owners!!). Most people who looked at the car understood and appreciated the time and work that has gone into the car as I have entered it for many many years and people have seen it progress. Couldn't get the sxy one out on Saturday night due to the proximity of neighbouring cars, but I spent so much time out at the snakepit or watching the driving events that I was having too much fun to care. Great weekend as always - loads of amazing cars and great people.
  6. 200SXY


    Had a great time at Motorvation this year - great to see some tidy 180's, 13's, 14's and 15's, plus loads of other imports and some gorgeous muscle cars. I spent so much time at the snakepit taking photos, I reckon the dirt and rubber will take weeks to get out of my skin! The chop top 13 in the elite tent certainly had masses of hard work put into it, and the owner was a hell of a nice guy. Glad we got you going again for the cruise, hope she is all sweet again now. Awesome work to Josh in the LelloS15 for taking out the 4cyl assisted dyno result, and the hp=litre ratio award. Also
  7. Mick she was looking gorgeous! Hope you and beast and the family all get back okay. Was great to see you all again
  8. R134a and R12 can also cause frostbite, defatting of the skin tissues, and heart arrhythmias' at high concentrations - but Crumz is right it the greatest risk is asphyxiation. Also best not to let the gas mix with any hot items (like lit cigarettes, welding gear, flames) as it can evolve other toxic gases. Lucky I just completed my SSP training at work including the Air Conditiong one
  9. 200SXY


    The Greddy's are sensational - and yes they are suitable for track, seen a few people with them on their cars for track work. Get a bit bitey in heavy stop/start traffic, which is their only drawback for street but I'd recommend them. My setup has a brilliant pedal feel, and the handbrake is much better than the stock 15 setup now as well (and yes I have a larger BMC).
  10. Indications are that they have had record entries so far and they have started doing club/area allocations already. Don't leave entries until the end of November as you will likely miss out (like the last couple of years).
  11. 200SXY


    Nah just clean the seats and entire car myself - best to use a leather cleaner and conditioner (on leathers) or a vinyl cleaner (on vinyl seats), and on the suede i use a damp cloth. If you spill any food or drinks on the suede some of the carpet cleaners and stain/spot removers work if you test them first to make sure they don't lift the colour - pretty sure you can get suede cleaners now too. Good idea to grab yourself a can of the Scotchguard fabric protector for your seats in advance - makes em easier to clean later (same for door trims). The harnesses bolt into the existing rear seat
  12. 200SXY


    Some new features - new tail lights, high mount stop adjusted, new custom valley cover, custom dash mat, and nismo 4 point harnesses: http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//interior.jpg http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//harnesses.jpg http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//CustomValleyCover.jpg http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//NewLights3.jpg http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//NewLights4.jpg And this is just a random while I was cleaning the car after pulling out and reassembling the boot install to fit the lights! http://premium1.uploadit.org/200SXY//200sxy.jpg And if
  13. 200SXY


    Hey thanks so much Shaun and ........ (aka driftking01) I really appreciate the feedback and am very humbled by it!
  14. 200SXY


    Couple of new bits and pieces done... new Nismo 4 point harnesses added to both front seats. Sooooo much more comfortable and secure than the standard lapsash setup - esp with boobs! Just found out the car is featured in another mag too! How bizarre.... it's in the Hot4's Nissan Oz's Finest Special. Couple of Youtube vids of her.... video made just before the harnesses went in: Looks better in HQ if you wanna click the button! Old video taken after SilviaWA's last victorious Perth Autosalon show in 2007... nothing flash just an exterior run around, frick it was clean and shiny -
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