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  1. Bazza


    Pfftt... I wouldnt worry about spending time to make one, they are pretty cheap to buy anyway Plenty people should have one lying around or if your nice enough to a import compliance workshop, they might be nice enough to lend one to you
  2. Bazza


    It couldnt be an air leak with the intercooler piping because if that was the case, it wouldnt create any boost and would blow the piping off when creating it. I'm almost completely sure that you have a vacuum hose loose (connected to the plenum after the throttle body) because under boost it wouldnt really affect the performance of the car but is enough to affect the idling of the car.
  3. That white one is bloody nice with the R33 GTR dash trimmed to fit. Really looks the part IMO
  4. Bazza

    Mad 2jz S15

    And the fact that the motor is so far back into the centre of the car will make it an amazingly well setup car
  5. Bazza


    Jap brands such as GAB, Cusco and Tein are the only real brands I would touch. When it comes to suspension I'll happily spend the extra dosh for some quality sheet
  6. If its a loose black wire I would suggest earthing it. Because 9/10 that is the earth wire. Crimp a spade terminal onto it and find yourself a rogue 10mm bolt to have it clamp over
  7. Bazza

    sway bar

    You will probably find that most front swaybars your can buy will be a direct replacement of your standard one. The only thing I could suggest is that trust themselves might sell a swaybar to clear the sump. Otherwise an extension of your swaybar (chop, extend, weld) might be in the order. Also remember that extending it will reduce the torsional resistance of the swaybar, so you may need a thicker one if it upsets the handling.
  8. I like that sub install with the subs facing into the back seat rather than towards the rear of the car. Very tidy
  9. Man, it could be a thousand things it could be from. Anything from a tensioner bolt to a Alternator/Power steering pump/aircon pump or a bell housing bolt
  10. Bazza

    mini spool

    If you don't have a open centre diff, you can weld the viscous diff easily enough as well.
  11. Also remember that the drivers door would not have a factory actuator as one always needs to be installed to allow remote central locking to occur. I would say its a fault with the actuator or wiring to it.
  12. I reken it still looks better than the alfa front end on the previous model
  13. I find the best way to remove the steering wheel is like as everyone has said loosen nut to end of the thread but when your pulling the wheel off get your knees right underneath it and pull from left to right until it comes off. Pfffttt.... steering wheel puller. Take some concrete pills, toughen up and use your muscles to pull it off. Pulled off plenty of wheels with no dramas whatsoever. And yes disconnect the battery before removing an airbag wheel
  14. That car is sick. Great motors but they are such complecated motors that I wouldn't even bother
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